Batman: The Rezurrection of Fall film directed by Joel Schumacher. Film was premiered on May 18, 2000 in San Fransico, June 14, 2000 in San Diego and September 15, 2000 all over the world.

Characters Edit

  • Bruce Wayne/Batman - playboy and billionaire. A hero who lost his parents when he was a child and then he became a Batman. His enemies in this film are Black Mask, Cluemaster and Mr. Zsasz.
  • Richard Grayson/Robin - his parents died during the trick. Batman took him in and became Robin. He helps Batman to defeat Black Mask.
  • Betty Kane/Batgirl - When Barbara went to San Francisco to protect the city of Batman during the race with Cluemaster, he found her on the alla and she explained that she was looking at him because he is his fan. Batman gave the Batgirl staff and teach her.
  • Wilfred - group brother of the dead alfreda. Other than not him sometimes tells Bruce that I should always go to the galas. He was stunned with parts of the Bat-cave (but later he was reborn as an Outsider).
  • Chief' O Hara - A prosecutor who sometimes helps commissars Gordon. He tried to kill Black Maske, but he was killed himself quickly.
  • Commiser Gordon - Batman's friend. He does not know that it is really Bruce Wayne. Gordon is married to daughter Helene Gordon who went to France and married a Frenchman. He appears episodically.
  • Black Mask - his real name is. Roman Sionis. He killed his parents and created a gang of black masks to know that death was never concealed. Later he started to fight Batman and to kill him first. Bled fell from the building.
  • Cluemaster - his name is unknown. He revealed that he was always secret and his passion is unknown. During the race with Batman he escaped with the help of Black Mask. When the Black Mask was killed, he was arrested.
  • Mr. Zsasz - Victor Zsasz was a madman and kill whom he wanted. Attach to the Black Mask Gang to show that he is more important. After killing the Black Mask, he was arrested.

Trivia Edit

  • The death of the black Mask from falling from the building is a reference to the death of Joker from Batman in 1989.
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