• Sverus Snape 1998

    Hello everyone ! In a few days I will put my DCMU online. I'm counting on you to tell me what you think !

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  • Bat24

    DC Cinematic Universe Help

    October 22, 2017 by Bat24

    Hi everyone! My name is Bat24, and I am an orignial member of this wiki. My cinematic universe hasen't been finished in about two years, and I was wondering if anyone would be free to join. I might need multiple writers since I'm a bit busy with college.



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  • Yj Avi Mittal

    Also, I need a little help with casting. Who would be a great superman? i want him to be little like cavill but not cavill and a little like chris wood. who would be a great iris west? i would prefer a young, hot, black actress but race isn't the major requirement here. I want to cast a 20-something Emily Blunt as Carol Ferris but I've already casted her as Lois Lane . Can you pick a better or equally good(in terms of their beauty and if they fit the character's looks) actress for either of the roles?

    You might cast an actress that I've picked for another role so here are all my female castings and the character traits I was going for when casting them: 20-something Emily Blunt as Lois Lane(a young, black-haired, hottie who could do action …

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  • Yj Avi Mittal

    English is my second language. So, sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes. I am creating my own detailed version of the DCEU but I am having problems with the structure. Which pre-JL solo movies to do and how to do them. I can't decide when Wonder Woman will take place. I would prefer to do an origin story/war movie that's set in modern times. Who will the US go to war with that will cause Diana to leave Themyscira? a metahuman-powered China/Russia? One of the fictional countries of the DCU like a Black Adam-led Kahndaq or Orm's Atlantis?

    Also, I need a little help with casting. Who would be a great superman? i want him to be little like cavill but not cavill and a little like chris wood. who would be a great iris west? i would prefer a…

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  • JJLee214

    Teen Titans!

    June 7, 2016 by JJLee214

    Just finished by concept for a Teen Titans film!

    Check out my page: The Teen Titans (2018)!

    It has a full plot. I will be worked on a concept for a Flashpoint film called Justice League: Paradox in the DCEU!

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  • Coolot1

    Community project

    May 8, 2015 by Coolot1

    I am now making a community movie universe and I need people to volunteer for it. 

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  • Coolot1

    I am making a next season of Aquaman king of Sea. You can add some ideas.

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  • Bat24

    I need Superman actors that is not Henry Cavill but someone closer to Armie Hammer`s age. I tried Chace Crawford but he does not look right.

    1. I could try Scott Porter but Kiethstone has him. I didn`t want to copy so I did not use him.

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  • DylanTBest123

    Hans Zimmer/MoS-'esque "inspirational" music begins playing.

    The DC Cinematics Logo is seen.

    A shot of people on Krypton running from destructions, booming explosions are heard.

    Jor-El (Narration) played by Billy Crudup, whispers the words: "Doomed Planet."

    Scene cuts to Jor-El and Lara Zor-Van (Catherine Zeta-Jones) holding Kal-El, running from Kryptonian soldiers are seen.

    Jor-El whispers the word "Desperate Scientists"

    Jor-El and Lara Zor-Van run into a room, lock the door', and put Kal-El into the shuttle. They watch as their son leaves the planet.

    Kal-El then lands near a farm, and a farmer pulls up in his truck, steps out, and attempts to pry the shuttle open, burning his hand in the process. The shuttle then opens itself.

    A flash of light tra…

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  • Gary the Gaget Dude


    November 1, 2014 by Gary the Gaget Dude

    Hello everyone! GGD here. I'd like to announce my new YouTube channel, ComicBookTalk. Similar to the ComicBookCast, I will host a live, one hour show every Saturday starting next week (hopefully this week, too), where I will be talking about the MCU, the DC Cinematic Universe, Fox's X-Men and F4 films, and Sony's TASM universe. I'll be talking about announcements and news in those categories, and I'll be answering audience questions, too! Here's the website:



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  • Bat24

    This Universe is unrelated to my past ones. It started with Man Of Tommorow and ended in Justice Leauge during Phase One.

    Phase one : Origins

    The Batman-2014- Joker

    Man Of Tommorow-2014- Lex Luthor, , Brainiac

    The Flash-2015

    Green Lantern: Emerald Knight-2016

    Wonder Woman- 2016- Ares

    Green Arrow Emerald Archer-2017

    The Batman Returns-2018 Killer Croc, Hugo Strange

    Justice Leauge-2019- Checkmate, White Martians

    Phase 2 Leauge

    The Batman: Dark Knight-2020- Bane, The Riddler

    Man Of Metropolis-2021- Metalo, General Zod

    Green Arrow 2- 2021- Brick, Myrlen

    Green Lantern/ Flash Crossover-2022

    Teen Titans-2023

    The Flash: Scarlett Speedster-2024

    Justice Leauge 2 Rein Of Amazo- 2024

    Phase Three

    The Atom- 2024

    Batman 4-2025

    Green Arrow/ Batman sequel team up-2026

    Teen Tit…

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  • Dr. Nygma 1048

    Superman actor

    July 21, 2014 by Dr. Nygma 1048

    I am having a ridiculously hard time casting Superman.  I don't want to use Henry Cavill because I want my universe to be completely seperate from what Snyder and WB are doing, and I'm trying not to use the most prevalent choices like Bomer, Hamm, or Manganiello.  Currently, I have Michael Fassbender, but I feel like he's more suited towards a villainous role. Other actors I'm considering (and the reasons I'm not sure) are:

    • Lee Pace (doesn't look enough like Superman)
    • Luke Evans (haven't seen enough of his work)
    • Billy Crudup (I really like this choice, but I'm afraid he might be too old)
    • Orlando Bloom (not considered to be a good actor)
    • Matthew Goode (haven't seen any of his work)

    There are others who have crossed my mind, but who I can't think …

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  • DylanTBest123

    I need help/suggestions concerning my page(s), so I would really appreciate it if anyone who reads this give their two cents in the problems I'm having.

    • Should I scrap the Flash and WW movies and save them for Act 2? I haven't read any Flash or WW comics so I don't know much about them, outside of a few comics, a Flash annual and the DC animations they were in. (Next time I buy any comics I plan on buying WW and Flash comics though).
    • Can someone give me a list of child actors I should use in Curse of Shazam? That storyline is full of children, and I can't think of any actors who can play them.
    • Who should be the villain in GL/Flash? I was going to use the ones in the second New 52 Flash annual, but I don't think they are good enough villains t…
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  • DylanTBest123

    • Batman, in this film, is described as a seasoned crime-fighter in his early 40s, similar to the Batman seen in The Dark Knight Returns, Kingdom Come, and Batman Beyond. Bruce Wayne, however, is a playboy who is care free with his money, is often seen intoxicated by alcohol, and owns many things, such as the Daily Planet. This version is no longer the CEO of Wayne Enterprise, instead the title of CEO has been given to his long time friend and Wayne Tech manager, Lucius Fox. The batsuit bares an uncanny resemblance to the one used in the popular video game Arkham Asylum.
    • This version of Lex Luthor is a Bill Gates type, who has about 10-30 billion dollars, and donates a lot of it to charity, making him out to be a "good-guy" to the public eye …

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  • Dr. Nygma 1048

    Just Imagine

    July 13, 2014 by Dr. Nygma 1048

    I have created a page called The "Just Imagine" Series that all users can contribute to.  Similar to the "Just Imagine Stan Lee's..." series, in this series, wiki users would imagine how certain superheroes would turn out if, instead of being comic book characters, they were created for film by different directors. These films do not take place in a shared universe, and multiple users can do interpretations of the same character.  I am starting off with Just Imagine: Martin Scorsese's The Bat .

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  • Dr. Nygma 1048

    Original Content

    June 16, 2014 by Dr. Nygma 1048

    I'm going to start an imprint of the site for Original Content, where you can post movies for your original ideas that are DC, but don't take place in the DC Universe.  They can either be superhero stories (Watchmen, V for Vendetta) or other genres (Road to Perdition,A History of Violence).  Just post the story as a blog post, and then make a page for the movie with the title "Original Content: (Whatever the Name Is)".  I'll set up a page where you can put links to your Original Content stories.  

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  • Dr. Nygma 1048

    On a Break

    June 9, 2014 by Dr. Nygma 1048

    I think this was pretty much an unspoken fact for the past month and a half, but I'm going to be coming on less frequently for an indefinite amount of time.  I may make an edit or two here and there, but for the time being I will be pretty much inactive.  I am leaving the Wiki in the more than capabe hands of Doomlurker and ElectricMayhem.  It's not anything you guys id, I just need to take a break. So, see ya around, I guess.

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  • Bat24


    May 31, 2014 by Bat24

    Batsverse will be a dc cinematic Universe set up like the current MCU. I will also do this sometime in August.

    Phase 1

    The Batman-2008- Joker

    Green Lantern-2008

    Batman 2-2010- Bane, Leauge Of Assasins

    Wonder Woman-2011

    Man Of Steel-2011

    Justice Leauge-2012- Ares, White Martians

    Phase 2

    Batman : Court Of Owls-2013

    Green Arrow-2013

    Wonder Woman 2-2014

    Man Of Metropolis-2015

    The Flash- 2015


    Justice League Rise of Brainiac-2016

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  • Doomlurker


    February 3, 2014 by Doomlurker

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  • Dr. Nygma 1048

    Elimination Game

    January 26, 2014 by Dr. Nygma 1048

    This is a game that I have created for no paricular reason, just for fun.  I will list various superheroes, and you vote for who should be killed off.  You can vote for up to three people, but only one per comment.  The two contestants with the most votes (after a one week voting period) will be killed off.  This will continue over multiple rounds until only one is left.  The contestants are:

    1. Batman
    2. Superman
    3. Wonder Woman
    4. Barry Allen
    5. Hal Jordan
    6. Martian Manhunter
    7. Aquaman
    8. Nightwing
    9. Green Arrow
    10. Hawkman
    11. Ray Palmer
    12. Black Canary
    13. Hawkgirl
    14. Zatanna
    15. Plastic Man
    16. Cyborg
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  • Red Average

    Taking a Break

    January 19, 2014 by Red Average

    From now on I will be taking a couple months off DC Cinematic Universe (Red Average). I am not abandoning it but I will be stop working on it for a while so I can set up a new universe that will be very different from my usual ones as it will contain certain characters I haven't used before such as Dr. Fate,,The Atom, Zatanna and Adam Strange to name a few.

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  • Doomlurker

    Writer's Block

    January 9, 2014 by Doomlurker

    I don't know why but I've been struggling to write my ideas out. When I wrote Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and to an extent Batman: World's Greatest Detective I knew exactly where the story started, led to and finished and then it was just a matter of filling in the gaps and putting it into words but for some reason I'm not finding it so easy with the likes of Green Lantern and Superman. It's not because I like the characters any less than Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Batman because I don't. So, I don't know what it is, maybe I'm worried the basic stories will end up too similar and I don't want that. Who knows, will just have to see how it goes, it could just be a case of writer's block.

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  • Red Average

    R.I.P Paul Walker

    December 2, 2013 by Red Average

    As you all probably know, The Great Paul Walker who stared in the Fast and Furious Films and some of are Green Arrow films has sadly passed away. When his friend was driving and crashed causing the car to exploded killing him.

    Now in the comments section, I and I'm sure the late Paul Walker would really appreciate if you could put a tribute message to him as it would respect and honour his memory.

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  • Dr. Nygma 1048


    December 1, 2013 by Dr. Nygma 1048

    As many of you know, I have changed the actor for many of my characters repeatedly Examples:

    • Superman: Jon Hamm-Taylor Kitsch-James Marsden-Channing Tatum-Orlando Bloom
    • Batman: Josh Lucas-Rick Armitage-Sam Worthington-Chris Pine
    • Wonder Woman: Keri Russell-Lynn Collins-Zooey Deschanel-Olivia Wilde
    • GL: Ewan McGregor-Chris Pine-Sam Worthingon

    For any number of reasons (age, better as a different character, etc.), I have changed the actor for these and most of my other characters (but not Hawkman) at least once.  However the one I have changed the most is Flash: Jack McBrayer-Ashton Kutcher-Patrick Wilson-Zachary Quinto-James van der Beek-Milo Ventimiglia-Hayden Christensen-Ryan Gosling-Leonardo DiCaprio. 

    However, I am again starting to feel uncert…

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  • ElectricMayhem

    Hello, people. SOME (just a few) of you guys may remember me, and an even smaller ammount may remember the DCMF Buddies (YAAAY!) series I did. Well, after... uh... a long, long time of writer's block (I even resorted to just typing "ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY" over and over again just for fun), I am finally rebooting DCMF Buddies (YAAAY!) under a new title on a BRAND NEW site which will be made after the new title is decided... BY YOOOOOUUUUUU!!!!


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  • Dr. Nygma 1048


    October 6, 2013 by Dr. Nygma 1048

    I'm going to write a bi-weekly (every two weeks) DC Comics serial, but you guys need to submit the ideas. In the comments, write at least two heroes and at least two villains that you want to appear.  From there, I'll create the story.  Ideas should be submitted by Oct. 13. 1 idea per person.

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  • Gary the Gaget Dude

    Hello everyone, and welcome to a new series; Update! It will give official updates for the newest superhero cinematic universe, created by me.

    This universe is called the Justice League Cinematic Universe or JLCU for short. Various actors, producers, and directors will gather together, to bring the DC Comics characters to the big screen.

    And the first big news?

    Christopher Nolan will play a role in the series.

    That's right, folks. Director of the infamous Dark Knight Trilogy, Christopher Nolan will be producing most of the films, and rumor has it that he'll be directing the JLA film. We had an exclusive interview with Nolan.

    • Interviewer - So, Mr. Nolan, how does it feel to be the Joss Whedon of the DCCU?
    • Nolan - It feels great. Gary and I have t…
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  • VideoGameFan9012

    I'm Here!

    August 19, 2013 by VideoGameFan9012

    So, uh, hi! I'm VideoGameFan9012! I have a couple cool movies I'm making that are listed here:

    • Red Hood: The World Is Yours
    • Red Hood: Renegade Days

    I just wanna say I'm here and you should check out my movies!

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  • Red Average

    I will be back

    August 1, 2013 by Red Average

    My laptop charger broke and well it's kind of hard to write movies I might write on my IPad I have not decided yet please tell me what I should do in the comments section but till then goodbye and until the laptop charger I ordered arrives bye

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  • Bat24

    The Knight

    July 29, 2013 by Bat24

    This is my upcoming film it is a sequel to the Batman

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  • Bat24

    This is Roemello`s first Superman movie called Superman the last son of Krypton Starring Armie Hammer as Kal El/ Clark Kent/ Superman

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  • OptimusPrime27

    Hey, there. I have an idea for a really cool festival thing. I call it "FANON WORLD 2013". There is already a Marvel version of this, too. Basically, you submit little panels advertising and showcasing your upcoming films, and then you can make seperate blogs featuring your presentations. To sign up, fill this form out in your comment:

    • Movie Title:
    • Starring:
    • Plot synopsis:
    • Release date:

    For your presentations, just post more information and updates on your films, like actual Comic Con panels. Also, the Marvel version is up on the Marvel Movies Fanon Wiki.

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  • Bat24

    The Batman

    July 23, 2013 by Bat24

    The Batman July, 21, 2015 Starring Sean Faris as Bruce Wayne/ Batman, Kate Mara as Vicki Vale, Hugh Laurie as Alfred Pennyworth and Guy Pearce as Roman Sionis/ Blackmask, Zack Snyder directs this film

    • Cast- Sean Faris as Bruce Wayne/ Batman-  A 26 year old Billionaire who becomes The Batman who is trying to avenge his parents death.
    • Kate Mara as Vicki Vale- A News reporter who comes to Gotham to report about Batman. She is also Bruce Wayne`s love Interest
    • Hugh Laurie as Alfred Pennyworth- Bruce`s Butler and father figure. Zack Snyder said this version of Alfred will be younger than ones in the past.
    • Daniel Day Lewis as Nofurious- Bruce`s master who taught him new skills how to fight crime in Gotham. Zack Snyder staded that in future sequels pe…
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  • TheCannon

    I'm back

    July 11, 2013 by TheCannon

    So, a lot of you may have noticed I haven't been active on this wiki (or most wikis for that matter) in months.  I just really haven't had any new ideas or anything, so I've just been sitting around watching youtube videos and playing video games for most of my time.  But I've decided to return, and I'm erasing all of my old projects.  So, the DC Cinematic Universe is now over.  I'll be working on new films (such as a new Batman franchise, and maybe a Man of Steel sequel after it's released on DVD and I can see it), while ending the DC Cinematic Universe.  So, most people probably won't care, but... yeah.  If you're curious about eventual plots I would of had, I had the whole thing planned out in my head, so just ask in the comments.

    So, I …

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  • OptimusPrime27

    I've been on the wiki for a while now, but I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm OptimusPrime27. As my name might imply, I'm a huge Transformers fan, as well as a fan of these other things:

    • DC Comics
    • Marvel Comics
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    • Halo
    • Call of Duty
    • The Nostalgia Critic
    • The Angry Video-Game Nerd
    • The Simpsons
    • Scary movies (almost all of them, but then again some of them do suck)

    So, yeah, those are my main interests. Well, hi guys.

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  • Dr. Nygma 1048

    World's Finest

    May 27, 2013 by Dr. Nygma 1048

    For various reasons I may want to change my Superman pick which may ivolve changing my Batman pick.  Here are the choices for both.  Tell me in the comments who you like best.

    • James Marsden: my current Superman choice
    • Joel Edgerton
    • Sam Worthington: my current Batman choice
    • Ben Affleck

    • Sam Worthington: my current Batman choice
    • Colin Farrell
    • Benedict Cumberbatch
    • James Marsden: my current Superman choice
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  • Average Red

    This wiki has now been taken over by MayhemElectric i am one of his many followers and we are taking this wiki so to all you Avengers meet The Masters of Evil.

    ALL HAIL MayhemElectric

    ElectricMayhem Your Time Is Up


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  • Gary the Gaget Dude

    Guys, they're here!

    MayhemElectric, Gary the Evil Dude, Average Red, Prof. Nygma, CannonThe.. they're all here!

    This is serious. We're going to have to assemble the WikiAvengers. Write your hero name in the comments below, and be sure our enemies don't see it!

    I am The Quiver. Alert the other heroes and suit up!

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  • ElectricMayhem

    OH NO, BROS!

    May 26, 2013 by ElectricMayhem

    My evil twin from the Evil Dimension, MayhemElectric, has returned! A long time ago, I went to this restaurant called the Evil Dimension, AND IT TURNED OUT TO BE A PORTAL TO THE EVIL DIMENSION! Anyways, he and his minions attacked me. I escaped, but turns out... SO DID MAYHEMELECTRIC! Man, I hate that guy! HELP ME, GUYS! YA GOTTA HELP! HE HAS EVIL VERSIONS OF YOU, TOO!

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  • MayhemElectric

    BWAHAHAHA! I am ElectricMayhem's evil twin from the Evil Dimension and I am here to destroy you, foolish mortals! BWAHAHAHA! My evil army of evil versions of users from this wiki is GROWING! Members of my evil army include Professor Nygma, CannonThe, Gary the Evil Dude, and even Average Red! Join my evil army, OR BURN!!! BWAHAHAHA! This wiki is MIIIINE! MIIIIIIIINE! BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    MayhemElectric (talk) 17:03, May 26, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Red Average


    May 26, 2013 by Red Average

    We hit 200 with my new film Teen Titans we hit the big 200 Dr Nygma thank you for making this wiki and now we look to hit 500 so lets do this.

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  • Gary the Gaget Dude

    Hey, guys. Like video games and let's play?

    Have a YouTube account?

    Then please subscribe to my YouTube account, TheDragoniteGamer.


    My dream is to become a famous let's player and possibly co-com with my favorite let's players and idols, such as YoshiToMario, ZeldaMaster2010, TheJethrotex, PokeCinema, MunchingOrange, and more.

    If you do subscribe, which I hope you do, tell your friends! I will thank all of you someday.

    Admins, if you want this deleted, then delete it.


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  • ElectricMayhem

    Lately, Red Average/Redarrow has been plagiarizing nearly all of my stuff (and other people's stuff as well), and, until he's banned, I'm hereby leaving this wiki, the Marvel Movies Fanon wiki, and every wiki besides the Gremlins Wiki, TMNT Wiki, Trasnformers Wiki, and Adventure Time Wiki, as well as all the fanon wikis about them. Sadly, I am also taking the DCMF Buddies (YAAAY!) series with me. Bye forever.

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  • ElectricMayhem

    It was a dark night. EM was sleeping, and dreaming about being the king of the kingdom known as DC Movies Fanon Wiki.

    KING EM: My brave knights, Gary and Cannon, INTO BAAAATLE!!!

    GARY: Why? There's no war going on.

    KING EM: There is if I say there is! I'M DA KING!

    CANNON: Where are you the king of us when we have girlfriends and you don't?

    KING EM: Um... because.... me and Wonder Woman are secretly dating. Since Steve Trevor is still crying over their break-up, we're keeping it secret so he doesn't get more sad.

    GARY: Wait, I don't have a girlfriend... I have a crush on Catwoman.

    KING EM: Yes! Exactly! Now INTO BAAAATLE!!!

    CANNON: Well, I'm dating Stephanie Brown so I should be king.

    KING EM: I said BAAAAAATLE!!!!

    GARY: Yeah, yeah, in a minute.

    KING EM: …

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  • Gary the Gaget Dude

    SUPERMAN: Hello, and welcome back to Gary's DDCU News! I'm Superman, the Metropolis Marvel.

    WONDER WOMAN: And I'm Wonder Woman, the Amazing Amazon!

    SUPERMAN: Last time, we were introduced to the blog world. Well, sort of. We're the OFFICIAL news station of the DC Movies Fanon!

    FLASH: We are?

    GREEN LANTERN: Of course not! We're not even canon!

    CREEPER: But doesn't this take place in Gary's DC Cinematic Universe?

    GREEN LANTERN: Yeah, b-

    CREEPER: So we ARE official!

    GREEN LANTERN: NO! This isn't canon!

    STEEL: You mean THECannon?

    GREEN LANTERN: -sighs- Why did Matt Bomer agree to a three movie deal, plus the Justice League films?

    STEEL: This is in Matt Bomer's contract?

    BATMAN: Yeah. It's in Don Cheadle's contract, too.

    FLASH: Cool!

    SUPERMAN: Anyways, welco…

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  • Gary the Gaget Dude

    SUPERMAN: Welcome to the first episode of Gary's DC Cinematic Universe News! I'm Superman, for those of you who don't know. Even though I don't know HOW you wouldn't kno-

    WONDER WOMAN: Cut to the chase, Clark!

    SUPERMAN: Sorry. Anyway, I am Superman, one of the anchors!

    WONDER WOMAN: And I'm Wonder Woman, the other anchor!

    SUPERMAN: The rest of the cast, you should know who they are. But again, I saved the world from Darkseid and his Parademo-

    SUPERGIRL: Hey, I helped with that!

    SUPERMAN: Eh.. not really.

    SUPERGIRL: Why, you little...

    GREEN LANTERN: Uh, guys? This wasn't in the script.

    SUPERMAN: Huh? Oh yeah! Green Lantern here is our weatherman. Flash and Supergirl are our BNB; Breaking News Broadcasters!

    FLASH: -waves to screen- Hey, Iris!


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  • ElectricMayhem

    I have some news concerning the DCMF Buddies (YAAAY!) series.

    1. I am not accepting any more requests for people to appear in episodes. After Gary's appearance in this week's episode, I will no longer be taking character requests because I just don't really feel like it.
    2. As part of my attempt to boost the populartiy of Marvel Movies Fanon, I will be making a series on there. Not sure what to call it, but it is coming. I'd call it MMF Buddies (YAAAY!), but I don't think that'd be a good idea.
    3. I am working on a new DCMF blog series. This one, however, won't be a comedy and will take place in my cinematic universe.
    4. I might make a crossover between the DCMF Buddies (YAAAY!) series and whatever I call my Marvel Movies Fanon comedy series, but only aft…
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  • ElectricMayhem

    Guys, how come nobody's going on Marvel Movies Fanon Wiki? There's only three users on there who still edit often... including me!

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  • ElectricMayhem

    Welcome back to DCMF Buddies (YAAAAY!)

    It was May... uh... something, and EM was celebrating Iron Man 3 at the world premiere. Wait, this is DC Movies Fanon Wiki, though... SHUT UP, I KNOW THAT! Anyway, they were celebrating the third Iron Man movie, and, to a lesser extent, the start of MCU Phase 2.

    EM was approached by a guy named Doc Nygma.

    DOC NYGMA: ElectricMayhem, I want you to join a group I made... I call it DCMFW. It stands for DC Movies Fanon Wiki.

    EM: I'd stay and talk, but I gotta go hit on Gwyneth Paltrow, so.... yeah.... also, I have to ask Robert Downey Jr. if he'll wanna star as Two-Face in my Batman film I'm working on.

    DOC NYGMA: Hey, you can post stuff about your Batman film you're working on on DCMFW!

    EM: Nah, man, posting secr…

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  • Dr. Nygma 1048


    May 8, 2013 by Dr. Nygma 1048

    INMATES is a parody of FRIENDS featuring Arkham Asylum inmates.  Some of the original cast returns but some doesn't.

    • Ross Geller= Joker
    • Chandler Bing= Riddler
    • Joey Tribbiani= Two-Face
    • Rachel Green= Harley Quinn
    • Monica Geller= Poison Ivy
    • Phoebe Buffay=  Catwoman

    • Gunther= Hugo Strange
    • Janice= Peyton Riley
    • Dr. Richard Burke= Ra's al Ghul
    • David (Phoebe's boyfriend)= Scarecrow
    • Mike Hannigan= Mr. Freeze
    • Ugly Naked Guy= Killer Croc
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