This is 4 part animated film, the first 2 parts feature Catwoman, and the last 2 feature Batman. Each part is 30 minutes.

Part 1: MeowEdit


Selina Kyle is arrested after being framed for murdering Ra's Al Ghul, but she knows she didn't do it, so she gears up as Catwoman and sneaks out to find who framed her, and on the way she runs into Poison Ivy, an escaped Arkham Asylum patient with the ability to control plants. After a brief fight with Ivy, she is conered by a goup of 3 thugs, Fox, Shark and Vulture, mobsters dressed like the animals they were named after, all led by Lady Shiva, who tells Catwoman that she and the Terrible Trio were the ones who framed her. At the end of the short, Ra's Al Ghul can be seen in Arkham Asylum, dressed like one of the guards.


  • Tricia Helfer - Catwoman, Lady Shiva
  • Josh Keaton - Fox
  • Nolan North - Shark
  • Steve Blum - Vulture

Part 2: The Cat In The BelfryEdit


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