This is a spin-off of Dark Knight Rises featuring Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. After a brief stint with Batman in Dark Knight Rises, Catwoman goes solo as a vigilante enviromental activist.


Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

Cher as Gina Dragon

Lucy Liu as Lady Shiva

Tommy Lee Jones as Walter Octai

Michael Stuhlbarg as Floronic Man

Milo Ventimiglia as Johnny Octai


280px-Hathaway Catwoman

Nice set of wheels, baby.

Opening Credits: Floronic Man is releasing poisonous spores into a protected tiger reserve. Catwoman suits up and takes her motorcycle out to fight him. She jumps onto his hovercraft, and kicks him right between the eyes. He falls off and is arrested.

Selina, in her civilian identity, is signing a contract with the company, Octigona, that will give her 500 square acres of land to use as a Florida panther preserve because they are going extinct. The company gives her the rights to the land, but 3 weeks later, the company's CEO, Walter Octai, is found dead in his apartment, and Octigona terminates the contract. Selina finds out from Walter's son, Johnny, that he owed money to the terrorist, Gina Dragon, but she said that it could could be paid back by giving her the same 500 acres of land for her to use as a nuclear weapons testing ground. 3 months later, Lady Shiva, Dragon's best assassain, makes a failed assassination attempt on Johnny (who Selina is now dating). Selina decides to take matters into her own hands, and suits up as Catwoman to go stop Dragon and Shiva.

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