This is the finale of Dr. Nygma Flash series.


  • Jake T. Austin as Wally West
  • Ryan Gosling as Barry Allen (archival footage, flashbacks)
  • Matt Bomer as Hunter Zolomon
  • Rose Byrne as Iris West
  •  as Gregory Wolfe
  • Faran Tahir as Savitar
  • Kurt Russell as Weather Wizard
  • Gary Oldman as Captain Cold
  • Jonathan R as Mirror Master
  • Hugh Jackman as Captain Boomerang
  • Christopher Lloyd as Jay Garrick


Barry Allen has been dead for 18 months since the fight with Abra Kadabra.  Meanwhile,  Wally West has crossed paths with one of Barry's college friends, Dr. Hunter Zolomon.  Hunter is Wally's chemistry teacher, and obtains a sample of his blood which he uses to create a (slightly unstable) super speed serum.  He uses it on himself, and breaks Flash's worst enemies out of Iron Heights.  Now, Wally must defeat the Rogues led by Zolomon, who is now calling himself Zoom.



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