Not to be confsued with Batman: Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knight


Gotham Knight


Eric Bana, Milo Ventimiglia, Michael Emerson, Michael Fassbender, Ray Liotta

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Streets of Gotham

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Sam Jones



Gotham Knight is a Batman reboot after Nolan's series. It takes elements from A Death in The Family and Battle For The Cowl.


20 years after the death of his parents, Bruce Wayne finally decides to join the hero game after he hears about 3 super-heroes, and decides to avenge his parents death by using gadgets from his company WayneTech. He becomes... Batman!

After a few years as Batman, his rival, Joker, blew up his sidekick, Jason Todd. He believed Jason was dead, which is what appeared to be true. Meanwhile, a patient in Arkham Asylum with a puppet, Scarface, escapes. The patients, Arnold Wesker, appears to believe in that the puppet talks to him and tells him to do bad things. Arnold goes on a crime spree unfer the orders of Scarface, and is dubbed by Commisioner Gordon and D.A. Harvey Dent "The Ventriloquist". More to be added...


  • Eric Bana - Bruce Wayne / Batman
  • William H. Macy - Commissioner Gordon
  • Zachary Gordon - Young Jason Todd
  • Milo Ventimiglia - Older Jason Todd / The Red Hood
  • Larry Lamb - Alfred Pennyworth
  • Wesley Snipes - Lucius Fox
  • Matt Damon - Harvey Dent
  • Michael Fassbender - Joker
  • Blake Lively - Vicki Vale
  • Michael Emerson - Arnold Wesker
  • Ray Liotta as the voice of Scarface
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