JLA Origins is a series of short films featured on blu-ray editions of DC Live-Action Universe films.

JLA Origins: Green ArrowEdit

Oliver Queen is the owner of Queen Enterprizes, and he is arrested when he gets in a fight and kills somebody with a bow and arrow. In jail, Oliver must escape. He succeeds, and is on the run. He decides to redeem himself and become a vigilante named Green Arrow. The government recruits him to save Princess Kate from an evil archer named Melyn and a dangerous assassin named Shado. GrMeen Arrow interrupts a big, fancy royal fundraiser to save the Princess from Merlyn and his thugs. Green Arrow and Kate hide under a stair case, and Green Arrow shoots a thug in the head with an arrow when he runs down the stairs. Green Arrow and Princess Kate run into a secret panic room after G.A. leaves a trap that tricks one of Merlyns thugs and trips them. They get out as Merlyn comes walking down the hallway. Merlyn tells Arrow and Kate it was fun chasing them, and that it'll be even more good for his reputation to kill them after the chase. Just then, Shado comes crashing through the window. She elbows Melryn in the stomach, and he falls backwards through a window. Shado grabs her knife,a nd is about to stab Kate when Arrow shoots an arrow into her chest. Shado falls down backwards, and Arrow informs Kate that Shado is not dead, and it was only a stun dart. Kate gasps, and the government arrives to deal wwith the rest of the problem.

  • Mike Vogel - Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
  • Hugh Jackman - Merlyn
  • Anne Hathaway - Shado
  • Princess Kate - Herself