Mxyzptlk was a live-action movie that sadly followed the same tragic path as Marvel's Howard The Duck movie. It is one of the least popular DC movies, and the only comic characters in the movie are Jimmy Olsen and Mister Mxyzptlk.

Plot SynopsisEdit

While reporting on a recent incident at the priosn city of Atopian Island. The island is surrounded by gates and they let inmates run free, but visiting there, the bridge is blown up by inmates, and they trap everyone, including Jimmy, inside. Jimmy hopes for a guardian angel to save him. Meanwhile, in outer space, a cosmic imp named Mxyzptlk is being chased down by galactic authorities, and is suddenly sucked into a black hole. He wakes up on Earth, in the sewers of Atopian Island. He gets to the surface and finds Jimmy, who begs for help. Mxyzptlk agrees to help Jimmy, as long as Jimmy helps Mxyzptlk stay safe and unnoticed by cosmic authorities. Jimmy agrees, and Mxyzptlk helps Jimmy safely escspe the island.


  • Howie Mandell - Mxyzptlk (CGI/Motion capture)
  • Toby Maguire - Jimmy Olsen
  • Tim Booth - Billy "Black-Eyed" Jokrauss
  • Stephen Lang - Sheriff Thomas Plowkane

Critical ReceptionEdit

The film recieved mostly bad reviews from critics, and was less popular among fans. The mysterious internet critic who goes by "That Chubby Hobo" described it as "a horrible film that they made sound good", while a user on, "GR2Blackout", described it as "Howard The Duck all over again". There were a little bit of good reviews. The comic book website, "A.I.M HQ", made a review of it, as well, describing it as "a fun film that had potential but seemed to wanna copy the basic idea of the Howard The Duck film in a way, which was the worst thing about it".


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Though it was a box office failure, Howie Mandell and Tobey Maguire still liked the potential the character had, and made there very own unofficial short film with other celebrities like Katy Perry, Tom Hardy, and Thomas Jane.

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