Scarlet Speedster is a superhero film based on the DC Comics superhero the Flash. It is an origin story for the character, and focuses on the Jay Garrick version of the character. It is the fourth film in Retrobatman's DC Cinematic Universe.


  • Ryan Gosling as Jason "Jay" Garrick/Flash
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Joan Williams
  • Michael C. Hall as Dr. Edward Clariss/Reverse-Flash
  • Forest Whitaker as Dr. Silas Stone
  • Lucas Till as Barry Allen
  • Emma Stone as Iris West


After being kidnapped and experimented on by scientists in the Middle East, army veteran Jay Garrick returns to his home of Keystone City and discovers that he has developed superhuman speed. He starts to help people in his home town, while also working with STAR Labs scientist Dr. Silas Stone to discover all that Garrick can do. Eventually he will have to take on his former college professor Dr. Edward Clariss when he also develops super-speed and loses his mind.


  • This is the first live-action film to feature Jay Garrick as the Flash. Barry Allen, arguably the most popular Flash, is featured a minor character in the film during his late teenage years.
  • Despite being the Jay Garrick version, the Flash costume featured in this film is very similar to that of Barry Allen or Wally West. However, the mask design is more similar to that of Wally West as Kid Flash, as it does not cover his hair.


The film has one sequel, Scarlet Speedster: Rogue War, in which Barry Allen takes over as the Flash. After Justice League: Reach, Wally West takes over as the third and final Flash in the series.

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