This will be my version of Snyderverse. I am trying to fix the universe without changing the line-up.

Man of Steel (2015) Edit

This will be an origin movie that introduces us to this version of Superman.

World's Finest (2015) Edit

This movie will replace Batman v Superman. The only way BvS can happen is that one of them(most likely Superman) is under mind control. This will be a detective movie where Superman teams up with Batman & Robin(Damian) to solve a mystery involving Lex Luthor, Joker and Harley Quinn.

Suicide Squad (2016) Edit

This will be a black ops/heist movie. One draft involves the Squad going to Markovia to find a weapon and destroy it. The weapon turns out to be a Meta-human and the movie turns into a Die Hard/survival movie. This serves as the catalyst for the war in the wonder woman movie.

Wonder Woman (2016) Edit

This is a spy/war movie set in modern times. Wonder Woman comes to Man's world after Steve Trevor, a USAF pilot serving in the Markovian-American war, crashes in Themyscira. The main villain might be Cheetah.

Justice League (2017) Edit

We could go with the New 52 origin(replacing Darkseid with Steppenwolf) or do a seven samurais movie.

Man of Steel 2 (2017) Edit

A trippy sci-fi All-Star Superman type movie.

The Flash (2018) Edit

This will be a trippy sci-fi detective movie or a non-linear time travel movie that shows us both of Barry's origins and introduces his arch-nemesis.


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