Superman: Doomsday is a 2023 live action comic book film directed by Ben Affleck, as well as the third film in the Superman film series. Scott PorterOlivia Munn, and Wes Bentley all reprises their roles of Superman, Lois Lane, and Lex Luthor, respectively, and does Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Vandal Savage in a minor role to lead up to Justice League: Savage Times


Ralph Fiennes reprises his role of Jor-El from Superman: The Last Son of Krypton in a brief cameo. Rory McCann also appears briefly as Non, Jor-El's close friend and second-in-command to General Zod.

Plot Edit

In a flashback on the planet Krypton, the Kryptonian military, led by Admiral Non, is shown pursuing something. After a long search, Non tells one of his subordinates to report to General Zod that "the target" is nowhere to be found. Immediately after this, a soldier appears and tells Non that he needs to see something. Non follows the soldier and finds two of their soldiers brutally murdered. Non is clearly horrified at the gruesomeness of the murders, the bodies being torn apart, and orders the soldiers to be on alert. Just then, a scream is heard as another soldier is torn apart as their target is shown for the first time: Doomsday. Non and the rest of his soldiers are clearly frightened by the monster, but nonetheless prepare for battle. They attack the monster, but appear to be no match for it. Non rallies his few remaining troops to defeat the monster, and they are soon able to subdue it and knock it unconscious.

Non and the troops bring Doomsday to Jor-El, who has created a device to entrap Doomsday forever, his size and nature making him unable to be imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. On Zod's orders, Non requests that Jor-El uses the Brain Interactive Console (Brainiac) to control the device. Jor-El is hesitant to do so, as it could risk the monster someday being released from the entrapment, but gives in because he trusts Zod's judgement, unaware of Zod's intention to corrupt Brainiac.

In present day, Lex Luthor and Vandal Savage enter an abandoned ARGUS lab that Amanda Waller used solely for Checkmate purposes. Luthor reveals the remnants of Brainiac to Savage, though he is clearly hesitant on whether or not he should be trusting him. Luthor tells him that he has spent years analyzing Brainiac, trying to find something that would help him destroy Superman. Savage tells Luthor that he must not have been looking hard enough.

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