Superman: Last Kryptonian was a cancelled Superman movie. It was supposed to be a reboot after the Superman Ends series, but it was cancelled.


Quote1 This movie's gonna be big. We'll have explosions, UFOs, and more! I want Superman to face Mxyzptlk becuase the Mxyzptlk movie ruined the character. But thats not all! He'll fight Lex Luthor, an alien invasion, tons of stuff, man! Quote2
Directer, Joss Whedon, on making the Superman movie

The movie was set to feature an alien invasion, Mr. Mxyzptlk, and Lex Luthor. Rumors of Manchester Black appearing spread all over the internet not too long after filming started. Director Joss Whedon announced Manchester Black will not appear but "somebody very close is planned to be in the sequel."

The film was cancelled mid-filming though the reason remains unknown.


  • Manchester Black was supposed to appear
  • Brainiac would have appeared if Joss Whedon hadn't picked Mxyzptlk instead.
  • Superman's costume would be the classic costume with the red shorts and even the same haircut
  • Batman would've appeared
  • Lana Lang would be the love interest instead of Lois Lane
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