Superman Origins is a 2021 action superhero film directed by James Webb and written by Jeph Loeb, while being produced by Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas. It has been in development for 6 years and began filming on November 15, 2019, and premiered June 21st, 2021. It reunites Smallville stars Tom Weiling, Kristen Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, James Marsters, Annette O’Toole, Sam Jones III and John Schnider.

The film has received mostly positive reviews, and made $1.2 000 000 on its opening weekend.


Clark Kent is staying in his barn, watching the sun lowering down. Jonathan Kent walks up beside him and asks Clark if he really meant it when he said that he was going to go. Clark nods and says that people needed him to use these abilities for good. Jonathan nods and says that Clark could stay at the Kent farm anytime he wanted. Clark nods and then Jonathan leaves. In Metropolis, Lex Luthor is talking on the phone to his lawyer, who is discussing Lex’s need to keep the “Operation: Metahuman” online. Luthor shakes his head and hangs up on his lawyer, and then stands up and asks his assistant if the project was ready. She nods and says that Lex’s clone has been traced to Smallville, Kansas. Lex nods and then begins to go towards his car, and then adds that she should tell his agents that Lex was going to be in late. Back in Smallville, Clark runs into his old girlfriend Lana Lang, and he tells her about him leaving Smallville for good. She nods and says that she will miss him. They hug awkwardly, and then Clark gets a phone call from his mother Martha Kent, who tells him that Jonathan has found out that they could not afford the farm, and they may have to sell it. Meanwhile, Lex enters Smallville, and then asks a girl where Smallville Hall was. She points towards a huge building, but Lex laughs and asks where the old one was. The girl looks curious and points at an abandoned building. Lex gives her his thanks and then enters the building. He looks around, and then is knocked out from behind. Meanwhile, Clark is still catching up with Lana, and she tells him that she was going to Metropolis to get a job at a fashion studio. Clark nods and wishes her luck. Meanwhile, Lex awakens, tied up to a chair, and he turns around to see his clone. Lex chuckles and asks how the clone has been holding up. The clone slaps Lex, and then says that his name was James Webber. Lex nods and says that he predicted that the clone would change his name, if he never wanted anything to do with the Luthors. James nods and then asks Lex if he came to Smallville to kill him. Lex shakes his head defiantly and says that he came to take James home. James seizes Lex by the neck and snarls that he does not have a home. Lex chuckles again and asks James what exactly he was going to do. James hesitates, then lifts a gun and says that he was going to kill Lex, then take his place. Lex widens his eyes, and asks if James had the guts. Meanwhile, Clark stands near the old building, and hears the voices of Lex and James. Clark super runs back to the farm, and then quickly raises the crystal that Jonathan and Martha kept in Clark’s trunk. He points it at the wall, and a brilliant light shines out of it, and burns a hole through the wall. Clark sighs, and then has a memory of Clark and Jonathan while Clark was a boy. Clark asks why Jonathan named him Clark, and Jonathan tells him that Martha’s father, Clark Williams, was the founder of Smallville, and one of the leading generals of World War II. When Martha named him Clark, he would always be in Clark’s soul as a kind and brave man. Jonathan ruffles Clark’s hair and asks Clark to run fast for him again. Clark smiles, then super speeds back towards the abandoned building. James is still holding the gun to Lex’s head, and Lex is taunting him to do it. James yells, and then pulls the trigger. Quickly, Clark super speeds towards the bullet, and catches it with his hand. James widens his eyes, and Clark punches him into the wall. Lex opens his cell phone and asks for the police. He shuts it and asks where Clark came from.

Jonathan and Martha return from the sheriff’s office, and then they hear Clark and Lex talking in the living room. Clark introduces his parents to Lex, and when Lex hears about Jonathan and Martha’s problem, Lex promises to buy the farm for them. Lex tells the parents about how Clark saved Lex’s life, and how Lex will always view Clark as a superman. Lex goes outside, then calls his assistant, Mercy Graves, and asks her to send the experimentation squad. Later, Lex is talking to Jonathan about Lex’s family. Lex tells him about how Lena left them when Lex was a teenager, and how Lillian died when she was sick, and how he had a very abusive father. Jonathan nods and tells Lex how he felt the same when his father was still alive. Lex nods too and says that Clark was very lucky how Jonathan was a good father to him. Jonathan shakes his head and says that Clark was his foster-child. Lex raises his eyebrows and asks what happened to Clark’s real parents. Jonathan shakes his head and says that he did not know. Lex sighs and asks if Clark knew anyone else. Later, Clark sits alone in his room, and fiddles with the crystal. Unbeknown to Clark, in space, a huge meteor storm scraps by Mars and comes straight towards Earth.

Clark walks with Lex towards a building where Lex said he had a ‘surprise’. When they enter, Clark is shocked to discover a huge operating room with doctors inside of it, in front of an audience of people. Lex knocks out Clark from behind, and tells the squad that they can begin the operation. Soon, however, it appears that they cannot pierce his skin. Lex tells the crowd that Clark is the greatest scientific creation they had ever seen, which shows that Clark may not be human. Suddenly, a blackish blur smashes through the ceiling and knocks Lex through a wall. After an hour, Clark awakens and sees the bodies of the squad and the doctors. He looks around for Lex, but he appears to have vanished. Clark walks out of the room, and then suddenly, the crystal in his pocket seems to explode. It forms a blue mirror on the wall, and Clark is sucked inside of it into a blue area full of purple light. A voice tells Clark that he has waited for him a long time. Clark asks where they were, and the voice says that Clark was in a small space. The voice introduces himself as Jor-El, Clark’s real father. Jor-El tells Clark that he was perhaps the last Kryptonian, the beings that ruled the universe once. However, when Krypton exploded, the real Jor-El and his wife Lara sent Clark away with a immaterialized clone of Jor-El, hoping to send him to Krypton’s floating Argo City, but hacking placed Clark on Earth, where he was raised as Clark Kent, though he will one day call himself Kal-El. Clark asks to be sent home, and Jor-El answers that Clark should learn to use his abilities, but Clark tells him that he knows how to use his abilities. Jor-El sighs, and then says that Clark must place the crystal in a large area so Jor-El could rise again. Soon, the operating room comes back into focus. Clark sighs and then walks out of the room but to his horror, sees meteors raining from the skies.

The residents of Smallville scream as meteors reign down upon it, and they run away as the meteors destroy everything. Clark quickly saves as many people as he can when he spots Lana Lang about to be crushed. He quickly holds up the meteor before it could crush them, and then super speeds off. Clark jumps onto a building, and tries to heat vision all the meteors, but sees that he is too far away. He wills himself, and then jumps up towards the meteors. He quickly begins destroying them, and soon, every single meteor is destroyed. Everyone cheers, but soon Clark is then crushed by the biggest meteor, which pushes straight down towards the center of the Earth. Clark grunts, then tries to fly out, then the crystal shines, then Clark is in the Artic. The crystal begins to grow, and it soon becomes a giant castle. Clark enters the room, and then Jor-El’s voice greets him. Clark asks where they are, and Jor-El tells Clark that they were in the Fortress of Solitude, Clark’s new home. Clark shakes his head and says that his home was being destroyed. Jor-El tells Clark that they should begin Kal-El’s training, but Clark shouts that he did not need training. Jor-El grows quiet, and then asks Clark if he sees himself as a human. Clark scoffs angrily and then answers yes. Jor-El is heard sighing, and then he tells Clark that as long as he views himself as a human, Kal-El will never become the Kryptonian he will eventually become. Clark sighs and asks if he could go and save his friends. Jor-El grows quiet, and then says that he sent the meteor storm to see if Clark could save himself, and one last meteor will head towards the Kent farm. Clark nods and then walks out the door. Back in Smallville, Jonathan and Martha are about to leave the house, when they are greeted by Lex Luthor, holding a gun in his hand.

Clark exits the Fortress of Solitude, and Jor-El’s voice asks if Clark truly wanted to do this. Clark nods and says that, as Jor-El would say, it was Clark’s destiny. Clark then jumps as far as he can towards the USA. Meanwhile, back at the farm, Lex asks if Jonathan and Martha were comfortable. Jonathan raises his hand and says that Lex really did not need to do this. Lex shakes his head and says that he had to test Clark. Martha says that Lex was not a bad person, but Lex smiles and says that he was a bad person; the person that his father wanted him to become. Jonathan asks for Lex to put down the gun, but Lex screams that Clark should hurry up, because Lex was getting agitated. Jonathan watches Lex through narrowed eyes, then jumps up and tackles Lex. After they wrestle, Lex kicks Jonathan off and then points the gun at Martha and tells Jonathan to sit his ass down. After a few seconds, Jonathan sits down. Lex sighs and smiles, and then says that this was the good guy’s weakness; they just appreciate human life too much. Lex prepares to fire, and then a voice behind Lex asks why appreciating human life was bad. Lex turns, just as Clark punches him through the window and onto the front yard. Clark gathers up his parents and they run outside, but Clark is weakened when Lex shoots him in the back. Lex snarls that Clark was never going to see the light of day again, and then raises the gun, but the meteor crashes into the farm before Lex could fire, and when Clark tries to use his super breath to take out the fire, Lex gets in the way and is blown into the house as the second meteor crashes into the farmhouse, and the house completely comes down, killing Lex. Clark, Jonathan and Martha watch the house burn.

Meanwhile, out in space, beyond the Milky Way Galaxy, a dormant ship appears and begins to reactivate. The pod that was in a meteorite activates the ship, and a green skinned alien in a metal dome opens its eyes. The computer says that the Kryptonian has been discovered on Earth. The alien smiles and the ship begins its descent on Earth.

As the residents of Smallville are given assistance from the US Army from cleaning up the meteors, Clark Kent stands alone and seems to be in shock by the fact that he killed Lex. Jonathan assures Clark that Lex only got in the way, and he paid the price, since he had tortured Clark and then nearly killed all the Kents. Lana asks Clark where he had been, and Clark does not answer. Later, Clark tells the Kents about Jor-El, and how Clark had the feeling that Jor-El was really Clark’s real father. Jonathan asks if Clark feels he can trust Jor-El. Clark tells them that he was not going back to the Fortress of Solitude until he learned what really happened to this Krypton Jor-El mentioned. Once alone, Clark walks towards his room, when Jor-El’s voice asks Clark if he will begin the training. Clark snarls that he would never. Jor-El then makes Clark activate his heat vision, which scratches an ‘S’ on the wall, and says that Clark will always be apart of the House of El. Clark begins jumping up, then, after a hesitation, jumps up onto a mountain. He watches Smallville very quietly, and then jumps back down and then, using his super speed, single-handedly cleans up Smallville. After that, Clark takes a t-shirt, and then uses his heat vision to burn the House of El symbol onto it. Meanwhile, on the other side of Smallville, CIA agent Bruce Welson overlooks the destruction of the town. Welson calls his boss and tells them to bring in some more men. Welson walks down the destructed lane. As they walk towards a crater, they are both astonished to see a badly injured and bald Lex Luthor in it, alongside a collection of green meteors.

When Welson gets Lex to the Metropolis Hospital, Welson asks if Luthor was okay. Lex sighs and says that a kid named Clark Kent was the reason that he was so injured. Lex tells Welson that Clark may be the cause of the meteors. Welson nods and says that they’ll move in on Kent, who heard rumours from a Lana Lang that he was moving to Metropolis. Meanwhile, in Smallville, Lana visits her parent’s graves. She sees Clark walking down the road and calls to him. After a casual talk, they both walk into the graveyard. They try to casually talk, but they eventually get nowhere. Clark asks if he could trust her with a secret, and Lana nods. Clark takes a deep breath, and says that he just recently met his real father, but he is still debating if it was really him. He turns and sees her eyes wide. He clears his throat and says that he is not sure he could trust him, and Lana’s shock subsides. She takes his hand and says that there is nothing wrong with being angry with the man who left him since he was a kid. They meet each other’s eyes and they tenderly kiss. However, they both break apart almost immediately and look away. Lana tries to have a positive voice and says that Clark could talk to her any time if he was feeling lonely. Clark nods and they both walk away from each other. As Clark slowly walks up the hill, Jor-El’s voice fills his head, and says that Lana was a sweet girl. Clark nods and says that she was. Jor-El says that she was not the one destined to be with him and Clark asks who is. Jor-El does not answer and Clark gets angry and accuses that Jor-El was nothing but a vague voice. Jor-El says that he simply wanted Clark to realize that being a hero was his destiny. Clark nods and says that he knows he can be a hero. Jor-El sighs and says that Clark simply refused to accept that he has a destiny. Jor-El adds through the slip of the tongue that Lex was still part of his future. Clark tries to pick up the subject, but Jor-El leaves Clark’s mind.

Clark returns to his destroyed home, and walks into the storage room where his spaceship is kept. He strokes the metal, before picking it up and super speeds it to the Fortress of Solitude, where he places it in the middle of the room, and walks out, without speaking to Jor-El. Clark returns to Smallville, where he packs his bags. He writes a note to Jonathan and Martha, explaining where he is going. He superspeeds into Lana’s room and kisses her lightly on the forehead. After he stops to rest, Clark walks back towards the ruined Kent Farm. He looks around, and memories of his childhood come back (him and Jonathan playing catch, Clark hitting a baseball so hard it soars across Smallville, etc.) Clark walks back to the place Jonathan and Martha rested, then takes his bags, and leaves Smallville.

While Luthor recovers in his penthouse, he hears a strange voice in his head. He turns to the meteor that was in the Kent home, and recovered by Welson. He knocks and a hologram appears of the green alien. He introduces himself as Brainiac. Luthor asks why he should be talking to aliens, and Brainiac proposes that they work together, and in return, Lex would get intelligence beyond his wildest dreams. Lex nods and says that he was intrigued. Brainiac tells Lex to make life hell for Clark Kent, so when Brainiac arrives, the alien would be easy to take care of. Lex agrees, and a pod from the ship plugs into Lex’s spine, downloading Brainiac into Lex.

Clark Kent takes his first step inside of Metropolis, the beautiful city and one of the most popular in the world. After taking a tour, he decides that he wants to get a job at a newspaper. He is kicked out of the Daily Globe, who are only interested in ‘less than dorky reporters’ as they put it. Finally, Clark finds the popular Daily Planet. He takes a job interview with Perry White, who eventually accepts him. While Perry tried to find a partner for Clark, he [Clark] meets the stumbling photographer Jimmy Olsen, the wise Ron Troupe, and Cat Grant, the Arts editor, who immediately tries to hit on him. Finally, Perry comes back and says that Clark will have to make due with no partner. Clark nods and says that it is OK. Later, Jimmy takes Clark to the Ace of Clubs, the most popular bar in Metropolis. Clark says that it looks ok, and Jimmy says that he always get in trouble at the bar due to a few gangsters. They both meet the barman, Bibbo Bibblowski. Clark says that he was nice once Bibbo was gone, but Jimmy says that he is only okay when he is sober. Both of them bid each other goodnight, and Clark returns to his apartment and relaxes on his bed, thinking that he was right at home. The phone rings, and Clark picks it up, and agrees to meet Perry. At the Daily Planet, Perry and a woman stand waiting for him. Perry introduces Clark to his new partner: Lois Lane.

In his penthouse, Lex reads the Daily Planet, searching down the column. He finds the list for new employees. He sees Clark Kent’s name, and then rips the paper in two. Lex then walks over to a strange machine that he created in the middle of the night using Brainiac’s pod, and then expresses desire to test it out. Back at the Planet, Clark is beginning to be annoyed with his partner, as Lois is being very frustrating. Both of them do not look forward to being partners. Finally, they agree to a story; trying to bring incriminate the crime boss Bruno Mannheim. Both of them agree to split up. Clark sits down at his desk, and Ron Troupe approaches. He tells Clark not to blame Lois for being herself; it was the person she had created while she escaped her father. Clark looks up with wide eyes, and Troupe explains that Lois’s father, General Sam Lane, had his two daughters up and down the country. He was not a very good father. Clark nods and agrees to be a bit more careful around Lois. Meanwhile, Lois sneaks into Mannheim’s apartment with a camera. She takes pictures of Mannheim using the money he raised for orphans to bring in hookers, thinking herself as such a pervert. When she leaves, Welson follows her, but then gets distracted when he sees Clark walking up to her and hides in the shadows. Clark apologizes for being a bit cruel to her, but Lois does not accept the apology, saying that she just got the best two rolls of her life, and she will accept his apology later. Clark just rolls his eyes. When Clark returns to his apartment, he gets a package from the door attendant. Clark discovers that it is from Martha, who accepted that Clark should find his own path, but she made him something for the road. He opens it to see a red suit with the House of El on the chest. Martha’s note explains that she saw the mark he had in his shirt, so she decided that it was Clark’s new motto. Clark laughs softly and then quietly apologizes to his parents.

Bruno Mannheim is furious about the reporter who printed the story about him, and orders that reporter dead. The gangsters agree, and they all tell him that it was Lois Lane of the Daily Planet. Mannheim nods and says that the one who brings Lane alive would get $100, 000, 000. Back at the Daily Planet, Clark tries to get his computer, but it is going very badly and Clark is getting angry. Lois comes up, shaking her head and types in the password. She asks if Clark was the technological type. Clark does not answer, and Lois just laughs. She picks up one of the day’s copies, and laughs as she sees her name. Clark offers congratulations, but Lois ignores him. Soon, two men come into the Daily Planet while Lois is on coffee break, and they kidnap her. They take her to Mannheim, who immediately shoots the men. He offers her congratulations, and then gets into a rant. Lois is not frightened. Mannheim becomes unnerved, and then tells her that she will be the dinner tonight. She looks confused, and Mannheim explains that there are some business partners coming to town, and they loved meat. Unknown to them, Lois will be the main course. Lois looks frightened, and Mannheim holds up a gun to shoot her. Just as he shoots, a blur gets in the way and blocks the bullet, then proceeds to hit Mannheim across the room and onto the ground, unconscious. The strange blur then flies away. Lois quickly escapes the building, and returns to the Daily Planet. She sits down in her chair and seems without words. Unknown to her, Clark is smiling.

Back in Metropolis, Clark picks up his mother’s gift and puts it on. He stands on a rooftop and notices a plane sort of going out of control. Clark leaps up and takes the plane, and slowly guides it to the ground. Everyone stares at Clark with open mouths and keep staring as Clark super speeds away. The next day, Perry White holds a press conference about the mysterious blur that everyone saw. Perry asks if anyone knows what they should call them, and Lois asks what everyone thought he was. Perry raises his hand and says that they will call him ‘Superman’. Everyone agrees, and the meeting abjures. Clark meets up with Lana, now a model, and then they talk casually, and then they eventually agree to go to dinner At another part, Jimmy gets an awesome picture of Superman, and he is promoted. Meanwhile, when Clark is home, Pete Ross comes to the door, saying that he came from Smallville and he thinks that Clark should go back to talk to his parents.

Meanwhile, Bruno Mannheim is bailed from prison, but finds himself in Luthor’s apartment. Lex starts up the robotic machine while Mannheim mocks the Luthor name. Lex tells Bruno that his machine had not yet be tested. The machine starts up and blasts Mannheim, and he disappears. When Lex looks everywhere, he finds that Mannheim had been shrunken. Lex is disgusted that Brainiac’s machine was a shrinking ray, and angrily stomps down where Mannheim is.

Clark returns to Smallville, where his parents are waiting inside of their kitchen. After an awkward silence, Clark says to them about Pete Ross saying that his parents wanted to talk to them. Jonathan huffs angrily and walks out of the room. Martha explains that Jonathan did not actually accept how Clark ran off in the middle of the night. Clark says that Jonathan actually should be angry with him, because of how he walked away. Meanwhile, back in Metropolis, Lex takes a walk inside of S.T.A.R Labs. Since he bought the lab, Lex now uses the machinery in there to add more to the shrinking device. Meeting with the head of the project, Dr. Emil Hamilton, Lex has a vision from Brainiac, giving him the data he needs to keep up with the machine. Lex discovers that enough machinery and he could shrink all of Metropolis.

Meanwhile, Clark meets back up with Pete Ross. Clark is angry that Pete took him back to Smallville, because no one here wants to talk to him. Pete shrugs and says that his parents wanted to see him. Clark sighs and asks if Pete really thought that bringing him back was going to help mend things with his parents. Lana arrives and all three friends take a walk around Smallville. Clark receives a call from work to tell him to come back. Clark arrives back in Metropolis to Perry’s office, but discovers that Lex is in it, revealing to Clark that Lex was alive. Lex mocks Clark with the knowledge of his identity as Superman, and Clark grabs Lex and throws him against the wall. Lex taunts Clark, telling him to kill Lex again. Lex reveals that he bought the Daily Planet, and if they don’t rebuy the company, Lex will shut down the Planet.

Meanwhile, Brainiac finally crash lands on the moon. A small bunch of tentacles pops out of the craft, and begin digging themselves into the surface. Meanwhile, on Earth, Clark, Pete and Lana stroll through the markets of Metropolis, and they spend the day trying to decide what Lana should wear for her new job interview at a fashion studio. Suddenly, Clark is approached Welson, who asks to talk for a minute. In an alleyway, Welson reveals that the CIA is ready to arrest Clark for alien problems, and they would hand him over to more powerful people. However, Welson also reveals his alliance with Lex, and then Welson blackmails Clark to go up to the moon to find out about a crash. Reluctantly, later, he goes to the Daily Planet, and asks Perry if he could have the next week off. Perry is hesitant, since Lex’s threat, and Clark assures him he’ll be back in time. Clark goes to his parents in Smallville, and asks if he was right to go up on the moon. Martha is hesitant, but Jonathan gets into a fight with Clark about his running away. The next day, Clark becomes Superman and flies to the moon. He discovers the ship in the center of the moon.

Clark enters the first building he sees, and looks around at strange aliens being poked at with needles and other technology. He sees small cities in bottles, and some of the residents look like they are pleading with him. The dome opens and reveals Brainiac, a thin, grotesque alien with barely enough strength and is supported by cables. Brainiac sends a telepathic command and wire coils into Clark’s skin and hoist him up. Brainiac comments that Krypton was the first he visited, yet he was not invited. Brainiac turns to Earth and asks what good this planet actually did for the universe; all it had are wars, fighting, and evil. Clark struggles and tells him that they did have problems, but they could fight it. Brainiac laughs again and says that he has been around for the past fifty years, and he knows from experience that all planets are destined to fall, like Krypton. Luckily, before Krypton’s destruction, Brainiac managed to steal it’s pride and joy, the city of Kandor. Now, when the moon turned towards the Earth, and the weapon Brainiac had created in so little time faced the Earth, Brainiac will do the same to Earth as he did Krypton.

Lana walks inside of the Kent farm, calling softly for Clark. A voice behind her tells her that he was on a mission, and Lana turns to see Jonathan. Lana asks where Clark was, and Jonathan snorts and says he’s on a mission to the moon. Jonathan sighs, and says that Clark was probably going to break up with her, to protect her. Jonathan pats her on the shoulder and invites her in for coffee. On the moon, Clark asks why Brainiac stole Kandor. Brainiac tells him that he was programmed to have all data in the universe. Clark asks what happened when all data was taken. Brainiac says that his mission would be done. Clark asks what would happen after that. Brainiac tells him that all data would be taken. Clark laughs and says that Brainiac has no idea what would happen. Brainiac presses a button, and green kryptonite fills into the wires and causes Clark pain. Brainiac sneers and says that he has more kryptonite in the ship. Clark uses powers to snap the wires and punches Brainiac hard, sending him flying into a column and breaking it down. Clark looks at the sky, and observes that the planet is almost within reach. Clark begins to run for the core, when a voice whispers Kal-El. Clark stops and turns to a bottled city. He approaches it, and peers inside. A man and woman looks at him arm-in-arm. They introduce themselves as Zor-El and Alura; Clark’s aunt and uncle. Clark asks if this city is Kandor, and they nod yes. Kandorians begin pouring up to see Clark. They plead for Clark to run and save his planet. Clark assures them that he defeated Brainiac. They shake their heads and say Brainiac was stronger than he looked. A hand closes around Clark’s throat and everyone in Kandor moans. Brainiac throws Clark towards the wires, and they recoil around his throat and arms. Brainiac shakes his head and asks if all Kryptonians had to be this defiant. Back on Earth, Welson and others gather in the US base, and tries to get in contact with Superman. Back on the moon, Brainiac’s plan begins as Clark struggles. Brainiac presses a button, and tells Clark that Krypton will finally fall. Giant robotic arms begin to stretch quickly towards Earth.

Clark struggles hard while Brainiac watches with a curious expression on his face. Brainiac tells Clark that he knows how much guilt is in him when Clark tried to killed Lex Luthor. Clark stops struggling and glares at Brainiac. Brainiac laughs and asks Clark if he enjoyed his murder attempt on Luthor, and invites him to do it again. Clark snarls that he would never harm a human being, and Brainiac asks what would he do if he allowed Luthor to live. Clark tells him that he wouldn’t answer any of these questions, and snaps the wires and lunges at Brainiac. They both crash through the wall and into a robot-building lair. Brainiac uses his wires to grab Clark and inject him with small douses of kryptonite, and smashes him on the walls. Brainiac seizes Clark’s neck and punches him into the wall. Clark uses heat-vision to scar Brainiac, and then head-butts him into a knowledge chamber. Brainiac extracts a green kryptonite sword, and scratches Clark in the chest. Clark uses Artic-breath to freeze Brainiac, then super speeds into him, sending them both tumbling off the knowledge-balcony and towards the ground, with them fighting to see who would emerge on top. Clark hits Brainiac, and Clark lands on Brainiac . Clark super speeds towards a capsule, then grabs a computer and smashes it on a lunging Brainiac’s head. Brainiac is momentarily stunned, and Clark takes that chance to throw Brainiac through another wall, back into the knowledge room. The bottled cities on the walls cheer Clark on as he and Brainiac fight. Clark smashes Brainiac against the wall, notices a knife on the ground, scoops it up, and prepares to stab Brainiac in the spinal cord. However, he notices the city of Kandor on the wall, then puts down the knife. Brainiac spin-kicks him in the gut and then punches him hard in the face. Clark notices a button on the wall, and as Brainiac goes to strike, Clark grabs Kandor, opens it, opening space and sucking himself into space. Clark crashes in Texas, and is momentarily powerless.

Back in Smallville, Clark sits on a chair while Martha cleans up his wounds. Jonathan asks if Clark destroyed the base, and Clark shakes his head. Jonathan picks up the bottled city of Kandor, and examines it. Clark takes it from him, and says he’s putting it in the Fortress. At the Fortress itself, Clark places down the bottled cities, and tells them all that he will help them out. As Clark walks out, Jor-El’s voice calls to him and asks if Clark met Vril-Dox. Clark takes a deep breath, and reenters the room. He answers yes, and tells Jor-El that he destroyed him. Jor-El tells Clark that he did not destroy Vril-Dox, and that he was programmed to be reborn, stronger than before, every model created. Clark narrows his eyes and asks how Jor-El knew that. Jor-El tells Clark that on Krypton, Jor-El created Vril-Dox in hopes that he could be a Chartered Life Underwriter. However, Vril-Dox rebelled and stole Kandor, convinced that in order for all life to be chartered, he must steal a city, a civilian, and technology from a planet, and then destroy that planet. Clark shakes that head and asks if all Kryptonians created some kind of ultimate evil. Jor-El does not answer. Jor-El then asks if he wanted to know why he was on Earth. Clark sighs and nods, and the chamber is flooded with light.

Clark zooms through space and time itself. Jor-El tells Clark that Krypton died 19 years ago twelve days from that date. Clark sees a green planet in front of him, and Jor-El tells him that it is Krypton. When Clark lands in Krypton, he sees two middle-aged people standing together, holding hands before a giant icy fortress. Jor-El’s voice tells him that it is he and his mother. Jor-El assures Lara that he will see her for dinner tonight, and the projector will probably go right. then enters the building. He stands before 7 people, who watch as Jor-El enters. One voice tells Jor-El that his Phantom-Zone projector had worked, and it will be carried out tonight. Jor-El asks who the prisoners are, and a door opens on the left. Clark gasps as General Dru-Zod leads a few people towards the center. Jor-El begins talking about their crimes, and Zod shouts that they had merely tried to find Kandor. Zod accuses Jor-El of creating Brainiac, thus setting off a chain reaction that lead to the kidnapping of thousands of Kandorians, including his wife. Zod roars that it should be Jor-El that is sent to this Phantom Zone. Jor-El snaps back that he will take their power and glory, and as people scream and try to run away, Jor-El activates the projector and sends them to the Phantom Zone. The voice of Jor-El tells Clark that he greatly regrets his actions on Krypton. Sadly, the Zone had turned Zod into the monster he was today. The lights fade and Clark is inside of a building with past Jor-El and Lara. Jor-El tells Lara that if his calculations were true, the sun would explode. Lara gasps, and then looks at the child in the corner. Later, as the building shakes and explodes, Jor-El and Lara walk with tiny Kal-El in their arms towards a spaceship. Lara tries to persuade Jor-El that a child needed his parents, but Jor-El tells her that a child needs to survive. He places Kal-El in the spaceship, and then takes Lara in his arms. He tells Kal-El that even in death, he will always love him. He presses a button, and the rocket ship blasts off and exits Krypton as it explodes. Jor-El’s voice tells that he was originally going to land in Argo City, but a hacker went into the ship. Clark watches as Brainiac’s ship flies towards the pod, and tentacles hack into it, and then the pod flies off towards the other edge of the galaxy. The image fades and they are back in the Fortress. Jor-El tells Clark that if he wanted to destroy Jor-El now, he would not stop him, adding that he could not live in a world were his son did not love him. Clark shakes his head and says that he realizes that Jor-El was simply protecting him. After a brief pause, Jor-El asks if this meant Clark was ready for the training. Clark, pauses too, then says that he is not ready to do the training yet. Jor-El agrees and then sends Clark on his way. Unknown to Jor-El, a tentacle that belonged to Brainiac enters the Fortress and takes his crystal -- and his memory -- out. Back in the Kent farm, Clark meets up with Lana and she tells him about her conversation with Jonathan. Clark tells her that he liked her, and he wouldn’t listen to any advice from his dad unless it was good.

Back in the ship, Brainiac has had incredible damage done to him. He realizes that Luthor has readied the weapon and decides to wear a warsuit stolen from the Kryptonians, which was laced with kryptonite. Brainiac arrives on Earth, and confronts Luthor. He orders Luthor to place the device on the roof of LexCorp, but Lex refuses, demanding his side of the deal. Brainiac puts on a special command for Lex’s download, and against his will, Lex orders to bring the device up to the roof. Brainiac also tells Luthor to put the crystal inside, which would help restart his collection. Meanwhile, Clark returns to the Daily Planet, which is beginning to close for good. Brainiac arrives through the sewer system and attacks Clark, who quickly changes into Superman. Due to the kryptonite, Clark is incredibly weakened, and easily defeated by Brainiac.

At night, Brainiac hurts Lois, who tries to get in the way. Clark regains strength and battles Brainiac on the LexCorp roof, pushing Lex away and knocking him out. Welson helps Clark, seeing the error in his ways, but is mortally wounded by Brainiac. Clark, weakened again, tries to stop the shrinking device and Brainiac from making it to the ship, and Brainiac nearly stops him, but his power battery in his suit finally stops Brainiac, making him fall back down onto the roof. Clark manages to stop the device and save Metropolis without the kryptonite around. Clark helps Welson, and flies Welson to the Fortress, with Clark trying to save Welson. Instead, Welson asks for Clark not to heal him, saying that he ‘must face judgement’, and he dies peacefully.

The next day, Clark and Lana decide to stop seeing each other, with Lana now having thoughts about Pete, who entered politics. Clark meets with Lois, and they make peace, and decide to have dinner together. Meanwhile, the Planet is saved, and Lex is arrested for helping Brainiac. Superman is praised a hero. Clark returns to the farm and Jonathan apologizes, believing that Clark was the hero that Jonathan always wanted. A while later, Clark then enters the Fortress and Jor-El is now willing for his own redemption. There, Clark is confronted by Captain Nathaniel Adams, who has detected eviller threats across the universe and wants to create a project called ‘The League’. In a post-credits scene, Lex meets with a man in shadows in jail, and he asks if Lex still had intelligence. Lex nods, and the man laughs. Lex advices to leave Clark alone, but the man says the society they are in can do whatever they want, and Lex should consider himself ‘out of the equation’. Lightning flashes and the man vanishes.


Tom Weiling as Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman - a Kryptonian who landed on Earth and was raised by Jonathan & Martha Kent. Clark does not know anything from his past, and is trying to find the truth.

Kristin Kruek as Lana Lang - Clark’s sweetheart from Smallville, who assumes dating him during her time in Metropolis.

Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor - the heir to the Luthor fortune, who goes to Smallville to track down clones and finds Clark instead. After an accident, which renders Lex bald, Lex makes an alliance with Brainiac.

Erica Durance as Lois Lane - a reporter working for the Daily Planet, Lois is the partner of Clark.

James Marsters voices Brainiac - a robotic organism created on Krypton, obsessed with collecting all knowledge in the universe. Marsters also motion-captured for the character.

John Schnider as Jonathan Kent - Clark’s foster father, who believes that Clark will go on to do great things.

Annette O’Toole as Martha Kent - Clark’s foster mother, who helps create his suit.

Jacob Launter as Bruce Welson - a CIA agent who is hired by Lex Luthor to help ruin Superman.

Terrance Stamp as the voice of Jor-El - Clark’s Kryptonian father, who is preserved in a crystal in the Fortress of Solitude.

Sam Jones III as Pete Ross - Clark’s childhood friend who helps out in Metropolis and Smallville.

In guest roles, Webb cast Alessandro Juliani as Emil Hamilton, a S.T.A.R Labs scientist, Aaron Ashmore as Jimmy Olsen, a photographer, P.J. Prinsloo as Ron Troupe, a reporter working for the Daily Planet, *** as Cat Grant, an Entertainment reporter, Michael McKeen as Perry White, the owner of the Daily Planet, Tom Winkenson as Bruno Mannheim, a crime lord, and Chris Zylka as Steve Lombard. For mystery, James Webb leaves who portrayed the mysterious Man in Shadows at the end a secret.


Superman Origin was a considered film for several years after Superman Returns. After Man of Steel, James Webb was recruited to screenplay and write the movie. After trying for the first time in 2016, Webb decided to wait three more years, deciding to recruit Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas for their skin in the Batman films and Man of Steel. On December 13th, Webb cast Tom Welling, Kristen Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum and Erica Durance to reprise their roles from Smallville. A while later, Webb would also cast John Schnider, Annette O’Toole, Sam Jones III and James Marsters as Jonathan Kent, Martha Kent, Pete Ross and Brainiac.


Superman Origins received mostly positive reviews.


Two months before the release, James Webb revealed that he has considered a sequel to the film if the movie was taken well with the audience. Due to the success of the film, Webb has confirmed that a sequel is in the works, but he says that the film may take some time to film. Tom Weiling and Erica Durance have expressed interest in reprising their roles in the film. Christopher Nolan has not revealed much about the sequel, only that he wants Michael Rosenbaum to reprise his role as Lex Luthor. So far, there is a confirmation that there will be three villains in the sequel.


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