This is a Teen Titans movie.


Opening credits: A runaway teen with green skin and amnesia is trying to find out who and what he is, when he slips and falls into a water-fall. He is rescued by a strange alienm-girl with orange skin and hair, and also green glowing-eyes. She flies him onto land, and disappears into the sky, leaving the green-skinned teen amazed... When Tim Drake is thinking about starting a new team, just side-kicks, he is almost shot by a strange and mysterious hired gun, Deathstroke. Tim Drake sneaks into the Batcave and types up the name "Deathstroke" on the Batcomputer's profiles, and gets several search results. most are about strange assassinations, and some are about the deceased military general Slade Wilson. Tim reads about how the assassinations were all centered around certain people, and very few important people. Tim decides to solve this case on his own, with his new idea for a team. Every night when Bruce Wayne is sleeping, Tim snuck in to do more research on the assassin, Deathstroke, and for members of his team.


  • Logan Lerman - Robin
  • Michelle Trachtenberg - Starfire
  • Columbus Short - Cyborg
  • Kat Dennings - Raven
  • Matt Lanter - Superboy
  • Sara Paxton - Wonder Girl
  • Paul Dano - Beast Boy
  • Lucas Till - Kid Flash
  • Mark Valley - Deathstroke
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