The Batman

Promotional image for the film

The Batman is a reboot of the Batman film series. It is the fourth installment of the DC Cinematic Universe, and introduces Batman into the franshise. It is directed by Christopher Nolan, although has no connection to the previous trilogy. It is set to be released on June 13, 2014.


  • Michael Fassbender as Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • John Hurt as Alfred
  • Bryan Cranston as Commisioner Gordon
  • Rachel Bilson as Vicki Vale
  • Stanley Tucci as Hugo Strange
  • Johnny Depp as The Riddler/Edward Nygma


During the opening credits, Bruce Wayne is an 8 year old child. His parents are killed by a mugger. 10 years later, Bruce has become the Batman, and gains revenge on Joe Chill by getting him arrested for murder.

The film begins five years after Bruce Wayne became Batman.

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Christopher NolanEdit

Many people were surprised when Christopher Nolan came in and was going to work on the reboot. Fans were furious that he was working on a reboot instead of a fourth film. Nolan stated that he wanted to do one more Batman movie, but a fourth one would ruin the trilogy. So, he helped out with the reboot.


After spending 8 months, the makers of the film fianlly decided on a costume for the film.

Batman reboot costume

The Batsuit in the new film.


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