The Batman Vengeance is the third installment of the Darren Anorofsky Batman film series, following The Batman and The Batman CrusadeArmie Hammer reprises his role as Bruce Wayne/ Batman, along with Bryan CranstonDavid ThewlisZoe SaldanaJim Sturgess, and Anthony Mackie all reprising their roles from the previous films. Joining the cast is Sebastian Stan as Tommy Elliot/ Hush and Amanda Seyfried as Silver St. Cloud. The film, like its two predecessors, was both a critical and financial success, grossing $554,234,192 in the U.S. and $1,303,521,083 globally. It is currently rated at 81% on Rotten Tomatoes.


  • Armie Hammer as Bruce Wayne/ Batman- The billionaire owner of Wayne Enterprises, as well as a costumed vigilante known as the Batman. Hammer returns to play the role for the fourth time (including Justice League), giving him the most film appearances of any actor to play the role.
  • Sebastian Stan as Tommy Elliot/ Hush- Bruce's childhood friend-turned-enemy, who, after killing his father as a teenager, returns to Gotham City as the villain "Hush", vowing to kill all of the wealthy "elites" in the city. 
  • Amanda Seyfried as Silver St. Cloud- An attractive Gotham socialite with a romantic history with Bruce Wayne. Seyfried replaces Brittany Snow as the female lead.
  • Zoe Saldana as Selina Kyle/ Catwoman- A professional jewel-thief, and occasional assassin. Bruce is still unaware that she was the one who killed Jessica Dent.
  • Bryan Cranston as Captain Jim Gordon- The captain of the Gotham PD's Major Crimes Unit, and Batman's ally within the police force.
  • David Thewlis as Alfred Pennyworth- Bruce's trusted butler and confidant.
  • Jim Sturgess as Harvey Dent- Gotham City's district attorney who, after losing his sister, enters a dark path in his life.
  • Anthony Mackie as Lucius Fox- A now senior-ranking member at Wayne Enterprises, who continues to supply Batman with gadgets and weapons.
  • Jennifer Morrison as Peyton Riley- Tommy Elliot's childhood sweetheart.
  • Michael Madsen as Sgt. Carl Bullock- Gordon's right-hand man on the police force.
  • Rob Brown as Detective Crispus Allen- A young detective working directly under Gordon.
  • Genesis Rodriguez as Detective Renee Montoya- Allen's partner and close friend.
  • Diana Hardcastle as Lydia Elliot- Tommy Elliot's judgmental and controlling mother.
  • James Carpinello as Johnny Sabatino- A Gotham mob boss, and the husband of Peyton Riley.


The film starts off in Gotham City at night, where two street thugs are preparing to rob a jewelry store. One of them mentions that the Batman hasn't been seen in Gotham for weeks, and that they will almost surely get away with this robbery. They proceed with the robbery and succeed in stealing many jewels. As they are leaving, a dark figure appears and knocks them both out. The jewelry store owner assumes that the figure will return the jewels, but the figure just looks at her and says, "Thanks". The figure is a woman, whose suit resembles a cat.

The film then shifts to Wayne Manor, where Alfred is watching a television news report that the cat burglar known as "Catwoman" has robbed yet another jewelry store, as well as taking out two other jewel thieves. The reporter also goes on to say that it has been three weeks since the last confirmed sighting of the Batman in Gotham, which is the longest stretch of time that the Batman has gone without showing himself since he first showed up in Gotham two years ago. Alfred then goes down to the Batcave, where Bruce is repairing the batmobile. Alfred sarcastically asks if the batmobile is the reason that Batman has been inactive. Bruce defends himself by saying it's only been a few days since he returned to Gotham, but Alfred reminds him that before he left Gotham to take down Checkmate, he was patroling the streets of Gotham every night. Bruce just remains silent, in shame. Alfred then reminds him that he has a meeting in the morning with new Wayne Enterprises investors, due to the plummeting of LexCorp. 

Shift to the Gotham Police station, where Jim Gordon is speaking with a witness of the disappearance of Harry Banning, an investment banker. The man tells Gordon that someone in a trenchcoat with some type of white fabric around his face ambushed a limousine and then grabbed Banning, and disappeared. Gordon asks if he saw anything else, but the man says no. Gordon then meets with Sgt. Bullock, who says that this is the fifth report in the past week of a wealthy businessperson being abducted by this "white fabric head guy". Gordon points out that they still have no leads on who he is or what he wants. Detective Crispus Allen then gets both men and says that a dead body has been found at the Gotham River, and that the description matches Harry Banning.

Gordon and his squad go to the scene, where they confirm that the body is indeed Banning, whose mouth has scars all around it. Gordon tells Bullock to have forensics get DNA samples from the scars around the mouth. The scene then changes to Wayne Manor, where Alfred tells Bruce of the Banning murder. Bruce points out that Banning was one of the investors that he was supposed to meet with in the morning. Gordon is then seen on the roof of police headquarters with the Bat-Signal on, but no sign of Batman. He then shuts the light off and leaves in disappointment.

The next morning, Bruce arrives at Wayne Enterprises to meet with the new investors alongside Lucius, who is now a senior executive at the company, in charge of Applied Sciences. Among the investors is Silver St. Cloud, whom Bruce recognizes from his teenage years when he dated her. Another one of the investors is Lydia Elliot, whom Bruce also recognizes as a former friend of his parents'. Bruce tells her he is surprised to see her, as he thought that she was suffering from cancer, but she tells him that she is doing a lot better. Ms. Elliot also mentions that she is now running her late husband's business ventures, because her son, Tommy, has no interest in the family business and has instead opened his own plastic surgery practice. She tells Bruce that she hopes getting involved in Wayne Enterprises will encourage Tommy to join the business world because of his friendship with Bruce, but Bruce reminds her that he hasn't seen Tommy for many years.

The trial of mob boss Johnny Sabatino is then shown, where he is being prosecuted by Harvey Dent. The judge, however, declares a mistrial due to lack of evidence, and Dent leaves in disappointment. He goes back up to his office, and knocks files off of his desk in frustration. He then looks at a picture of his late sister, and then tries to hold back tears. He takes out his old coin and flips it in the air, but his assistant buzzes his office and tells him that he has recieved an urgent message. She gives him the message, which says that the sender wants to meet Dent the next day, and has evidence to bring down Johnny Sabatino.

Tommy Elliot is then shown meeting with a patient, and then leaves once his receptionist tells him he has a phone call. The call is from his mother, who tells him that she just met with Bruce Wayne, and hopes that he could do the same. Tommy gets angry at his mother, and then Lydia tells her son that his father would be ashamed of him. He then sits down in his office, alone, and throws a picture of his mother against the wall, revealing his huge temper.

Later that night, Catwoman strikes again, this time mugging an elderly man. However, she is soon stopped by Batman, and the two begin to fight each other, with Batman struggling because of his hesitance to hit a woman. He retrieves what she stole, but she is able to get away. The scene then changes to show another one of the Wayne Enterprises investors, who is walking into his penthouse apartment with a much younger woman. As the two prepare to have sex, the woman screams, and the man turns around to see a man in a trenchcoat and white fabric around his face. The fabric man grabs the rich man, and tells the woman to hush, before escaping with the rich man in tow.

Gordon and Bullock soon arrive at the scene, along with Detectives Allen and Montoya. After investigating and finding out that it was yet another attack by the man in white fabric, they leave the scene, but Gordon hears something just before he is about to get into his car. He turns and sees Batman standing far away. Gordon goes to speak with Batman, who asks what he knows about this new kidnapper-killer. Gordon tells him that he only goes after the wealthiest people in Gotham City, and that he cuts his victim's mouths. Batman tells Gordon that he'll look into it, and Gordon then asks where he's been for the past three weeks. Batman hesitates, then answers that he's back now, and that's all that matters.

The rich man who had just been kidnapped is then shown lying on a bridge over the Gotham River, and the man in the fabric walks toward him and tells him that his days of living lavishly are over. The man asks who he is, but he only replies "Hush". He then pulls out two guns and shoots the man dead. After marking up his mouth, he walks away and removes the fabric from his face, revealing himself to be Tommy Elliot.

Harvey Dent is then shown walking into an alley, where he is waiting for whoever sent him the message on the previous day. The person is revealed to be Peyton Riley, the wife of Johnny Sabatino and daughter of the late mob boss, Sean Riley. Dent asks why she is meeting with him, and she tells him that she wants her husband behind bars because she has never loved him and is love with someone else. She gives him a ledger that is full of some of her husband's illegal business deals, and tells him that they can't meet with each other ever again, otherwise they'll both be in trouble. As soon as she leaves, she runs into Tommy, who kisses her. He asks her how the meeting with Dent went, and she says that it won't be long before her husband is in prison and then they can be together. 

That same day, Bruce gets back to Wayne Manor and begins talking to Alfred about the serial killer, but soon realizes that Silver St. Cloud is in the house, as Alfred let her in. Bruce is then forced to change the subject immediately, and then talks to Silver. She tells Bruce that she was very pleased to see him the previous day, and that she was wondering if he wanted to go out with her sometime. He tells her that he was pleased to see her as well, but he is too busy at the moment. Silver, disappointed, leaves the mansion and tells Bruce to keep in touch. After she leaves, Alfred tells him not to be afraid to follow his desires. Bruce says that the white-fabric serial killer is his top priority at the moment.

Later, a charity ball is shown, being thrown by Lydia Elliot. Bruce Wayne exits his limo, and is immediately greeted by Ms. Elliot. She tells him how pleased she is that he was able to make it, and forces him into conversation with Tommy. Tommy shakes Bruce's hand, seemingly grudgingly. Bruce is then pleased to see Silver again, and leaves his conversation with Tommy in order to speak with her. He apologizes for seeming rude when she stopped by, and she tells him that he can make up for it by dancing with her. As they dance, Johnny Sabatino enters the ball with Peyton, leading to much fear and distraction from everyone else at the ball. Tommy pretends not to notice, but is clearly uneasy at the sight of them together. Lydia walks up next to her son, and points out that Bruce Wayne and Johnny Sabatino are both with beautiful women, and asks why Tommy couldn't find anyone. He is clearly angered and walks away. 

As the night goes on, Selina Kyle greets Bruce, who is pleased to see her again. After talking for a little while, Bruce notices that her watch looks oddly familiar, and not in a good way. Before Bruce can figure out where he had seen the watch previously, Lydia gets up in front of the ball to give a speech. She begins speaking about her late husband, who died in a tragic accident nearly ten years previously, and how she plans to continue his charitable ventures along with her son. However, she soon makes a rude joke at Tommy's expense, which clearly upsets him, while everyone else at the ball seems to be amused, aside from Peyton. 

After the ball, Lydia Elliot gets into her limousine and tells her driver to take her home. The limo begins driving, and she falls asleep. When she wakes up, she looks out the window and sees that she is in the outskirts of town rather than her home. She demands to be told by her driver what is going on, and the driver rolls down the window and reveals himself as the serial killer, unbeknownst to Lydia that it is her own son. She screams in horror, and he says to her, "For the first and last time in you life, Lydia Elliot, you are going to hush." He then kills her.

The next morning, Jim Gordon arrives at Wayne Manor and asks Alfred to speak with Bruce. Bruce then comes downstairs and pretends to be hung over from the previous night. Gordon informs him that Lydia Elliot was killed the previous night by the serial killer wearing white fabric. Bruce is clearly disturbed by the news, and asks Gordon what it has to do with him. Gordon tells Bruce that all of the serial killer's victims have been investors of Wayne Enterprises, and asks him if he knows of anyone who has any reason to hold a grudge against Wayne Enterprises or the Wayne family. Bruce draws a blank, and Gordon eventually leaves, but not before telling Bruce to be cautious, as the killer may come after him soon. Alfred then reminds Bruce that Silver is also an investor, and Bruce says that he is aware.

Bruce goes to see Tommy to offer his condolences, but Tommy tells Bruce that he is busy. Bruce is confused as to why Tommy is working when his mother was just killed, and Tommy tells Bruce that she should have died a long time ago, and that she lived way past her time. Bruce can clearly tell that Tommy is unstable, and leaves immediately. Bruce goes into the batcave and begins looking into Tommy's past, clearly suspecting him of being the serial killer. He pulls up the records of the car accident in which Tommy's father was killed, and puts together clues and deduces that the it wasn't an accident, but rather someone tampered with the car. Bruce figures out that Tommy killed his father many years ago, but still has no proof that he is the serial killer.

Meanwhile, Harvey is meeting with Sabatino and his lawyer. Harvey reveals to him that he now has enough evidence to put him away for life. Sabatino doesn't buy it, until Harvey shows him the ledger. Clearly scared, Sabatino orders that his lawyer leave him and Dent alone. Sabatino offers Dent $40 million to let him go, but Dent rebuffs him and says that he's not that kind of man. Sabatino then brings up Harvey's sister, which infuriates Harvey to the point of him shoving Sabatino against the wall. Sabatino tells him that Edward Nigma ordered the hit on Jessica, and Harvey says that he already knew that, but Nigma is dead. Sabatino tells Harvey that the one who carried out the hit was the Catwoman jewel thief. Harvey asks how he knows this, and Sabatino tells him that he has his sources. Sabatino then tells Dent that he will find Catwoman and help Harvey get his revenge in exchange for being let off. Harvey is clearly tempted by the offer, and eventually tells Sabatino that he has two weeks to find out who Catwoman is, and if he doesn't, then Dent is pressing charges against Sabatino. 

That night, Batman meets with Gordon on the roof of police headquarters and tells him that he suspects that the serial killer is Tommy Elliot, and gives him the evidence that Tommy killed his father many years ago. Gordon points out that this has no connection to the serial killer at all, and Batman just tells him to keep an eye on Elliot, and he'll find evidence linking him to the murders.

The scene then changes to Silver's home, where she is just entering, but can obviously tell that there is someone else there. She gets a gun out to protect herself, and then the serial killer shows himself. She fires at him, but misses. Batman, who had been keeping a close eye on her due to the fact that she is also a Wayne Enterprises investor, hears the gunshots and rushes in. Elliot is about to shoot her, but Batman arrives just in time and begins fighting him. Batman begins beating him up and tells him that he knows that he is Tommy Elliot. Elliot then pierces an especially sharp knife into Batman's stomach, severely injuring him, then escapes once Silver shoots at him. Silver then comes to Batman's aide and stops the bleeding. Bruce falls unconcious and begins having nightmares about the night his parents were killed.

Bruce wakes up the next morning at Wayne Manor, with his injury tended to. Alfred enters and Bruce asks how he made it back. Alfred tells him that Silver brought him back, and that she is waiting for him downstairs. Bruce goes down to speak to her, and apologizes for putting her in that situation, but she tells him that he saved her life first, so now they're even. She assures him that she won't tell anyone about his secret, and then turns to leave. Bruce stops her and thanks her again. Alfred watches from afar, and realizes that Bruce is in love with Silver.

Tommy is then shown in his apartment, sulking in front of a mirror. He has flashbacks of his mother telling him what a failure he is, which leads him to scream in rage, before realizing that Peyton is in the room. She asks what is wrong with him, and he tells her that the Batman knows who he is, and that he stopped him from killing Silver St. Cloud. Peyton then tells him that her husband cut some kind of deal with Dent, and that he could get off without any jail time. Tommy loses his temper and begins shooting his gun in the air. He then tears apart his apartment and vows to Peyton that they will be together, no matter what it takes. She begs him not to kill her husband, as his associates will find him and kill him as well. Tommy tells her that no one can touch him, and that he will destroy anyone or anything that stands in his way.

Lucius is then shown analyzing the knife that Elliot used to stab Batman, as Bruce is trying to get Tommy's DNA off of it in order to get Gordon the evidence he needs. Lucius asks Bruce how he was able to survive, and he tells him about Silver saving his life. He asks Bruce how he feels about her, and Bruce says that the last time a woman who he cared about found out his secret, she was killed, and he is not going to let that happen to Silver. 

Johnny Sabatino and his gang are meeting at a dock for the arrival of a rare jewel from a foreign country, which is made evident to the audience that it is just a trap set for Catwoman. Once the ship arrives, Catwoman arrives and engages in a brawl with Sabatino's men. After fending them off, she opens the compartment and realizes that there is no jewel, and Sabatino stands behind her with a gun pointed at her. She is able to knock the gun free from his hand and then tries to kill him, but Batman (who was looking for Elliot near the area) arrives, prompting him to chase her yet again. However, this time he catches her and unmasks her, revealing to Batman that she is Selina Kyle. She continues fighting Batman, before she outwits him and is able to escape yet again. However, one of Sabatino's thugs is shown to have been watching the whole thing, and now knows Catwoman's identity. 

The next evening, Sabatino and Dent meet in an alley. Sabatino tells Dent that Selina Kyle is Catwoman, and gives him all of her information. Sabatino then makes Dent say aloud that he will follow through on their arrangement, which Dent clearly feels uneasy about, as it goes against everything he has ever stood for. He eventually tells Sabatino that he'll drop the charges, and Sabatino leaves smiling. Elliot is then shown listening from afar, and then watches Dent with a deranged looking expression. 

Selina Kyle is shown in her apartment, and Batman is revealed to be lurking in the shadows, but she notices him, and asks what he wants with her. Batman tells her that he knows that she is well aware of what goes on in the streets of Gotham, and asks her what she knows about Tommy Elliot. She tells him that she doesn't know anything, and then playfully flirts with him. He rebuffs her advances and tells her to stay off the streets, or he'll bring her in. He leaves, and then Harvey Dent is shown sitting in his car outside the building, holding a gun in one hand and a coin in the other. He flips the coin, and then gets out of his car.

Selina hears a knock on her door, and asks who it is. Harvey tells her that he has some questions about her last rent check. She can tell that the person at the door is not being authentic, and tries to escape before they attack her. Harvey, however, is successfully able to break into her apartment. She begins fighting him, and soon recognizes him, and immediately realizes why he is there. He tries shooting her, but she is able to fend him off. Batman, in the batmobile, hears over the police scanner that there has been a reports of a disturbance at an apartment, and recognizes the apartment number as Selina's apartment, and he turns around to go back there. 

Harvey and Selina continue to fight each other, until Elliot (in his disguise) arrives and points two guns at both of them. Harvey asks him what he wants, and Elliot tells him that he shouldn't have let Sabatino go. Harvey tells him that it was none of his business, and that he should leave him alone. Elliot prepares to shoot Dent, but Batman arrives and fights him. He appears to have the upper hand, but then gets distracted once he realizes that Harvey is there, and Elliot begins to fight back. Batman soon regains the upper hand, but Elliot shoves Selina out of the window, forcing Batman to save her. While he saves her, Elliot knocks Dent unconcious and takes him away.

Batman soon realizes that Elliot took Harvey away, and is clearly enraged. Soon, Gordon, Bullock, Allen, and Montoya all arrive to investigate the crime scene. Gordon notices Batman from afar, and goes to speak with him. Batman is confused about Harvey's abduction, and questions why Elliot would want him. Gordon asks Batman why Harvey was at the apartment in the first place, but Batman has no idea.

The scene changes to Wayne Manor, where Silver arrives and asks for Bruce. Alfred tells her that he is out, and she is able to tell what he means. Silver tells Alfred that she ahs called Bruce many times since the incident, but he hasn't responded. Alfred explains to her that Bruce recently lost someone who he cared about dearly, and that he doesn't want the same thing to happen to Silver. She asks him if Bruce will ever be able to live a normal life, and Alfred says to her "there has been nothing normal about his life since the night he lost his parents." Suddenly, Elliot breaks into the mansion and points a gun to Alfred's head, demanding to be told where Bruce is. Alfred tells him to go to hell, and Elliot appears as though he is about to kill him, but Silver knocks him in the head with a frying pan. He tries to kill Silver, but Alfred takes out a gun and tries to shoot him, but just barely misses. Elliot is able to grab Silver and get out of the mansion, but leaves Alfred severly injured.

Bruce goes back to the mansion after hearing about the attack, and tries to make sure that Alfred is alright. As he is being taken away by paramedics, Alfred tells Bruce that Elliot took Silver, and that he wants Bruce. Bruce becomes full of anger and rage, and changes back into his Batman suit and goes out. He soon finds Selina trying to skip town, and stops her. He tells her that he needs her help to rescue both Harvey and Silver from Elliot. She says no, and Bruce asks her why Harvey was at her apartment. She looks down in shame and tells him that she has made some serious mistakes in her life that she is not at all proud of. He tells her that it is never too late to make up for those mistakes, and that he needs her help. She tells him that she has heard rumors about where the serial killer hides out.

Batman and Catwoman interrogate street thugs, and are soon able to track down his location. Elliot is then shown at his hideout, with both Harvey and Silver tied up to chairs. Elliot pours gasoline around their chairs, and explains to them that the reason he kills the wealthiest people in Gotham City is because being born into a wealthy family, he has seen what money and power does to people. They all look out for themselves only and are corrupt. He reveals that as a child, he was abused by his father, and his mother simply ignored it and scolded him for not being more of a man. He envied Bruce Wayne for being free from his parents, so he decided to kill his parents by cutting the brakes in their car. His father was killed, but his mother survived. After that, he vowed to rid Gotham of all of the corrupt, wealthy people who were poisoning it. Silver argues that not all of them are corrupt, and that Bruce Wayne is a good man. Tommy argues that Bruce represents the worst of Gotham, using his money to party and buy fancy sport cars, and then turns to Dent, scolding him for dropping the charges against an animal like Johnny Sabatino in return for personal gain. Harvey gets angry and tells Elliot that he has no idea what he is talking about. Elliot reveals that he kidnapped Silver in order to lure Bruce, as he is aware of the feelings they have for each other, and then once he has Bruce, he will kill him unless Harvey presses the charges against Sabatino. 

Soon, Batman arrives and fights Elliot. Catwoman also arrives and rescues both Silver and Harvey. However, Elliot gets a lighter out and lights the gasoline that he poured before, and the building slowly begins burning. Silver, Harvey, and Catwoman rush away, while Batman and Elliot continue to fight. Elliot tries to argue with Batman that they are on the same side, as they both want what is best for Gotham. Batman, however, tells him that he only wants what is best for himself. Seeing that the building will soon burn down, Batman tries to get both himself and Elliot out, but Elliot, recognizing that he has lost, stays behind and lets himself die in the flames. Batman tries to save him, but is unsuccessful, and gets himself out.

Outside the building, Harvey knocks Catwoman to the ground and tries choking her to death. Batman arrives and tries to pull Harvey off of her, but Harvey's determination keeps him going. Harvey tells Batman that she killed Jessica, and that he wants revenge. Batman stops and tries to keep himself sane, having flashbacks of when Jessica was killed. He is able to keep himself in check and throws Harvey off of her. However, Harvey trips and falls toward the flames of the burning building. Batman tries with all of his energy to rescue Harvey, but he is unable to, and Harvey falls into the flames. Batman is in shock, as he believes that he has lost yet another person close to him.

The next day, Alfred returns from the hospital, and after searching for Bruce, he finally finds him in the batcave, sulking in despair. Alfred tells him that he heard about Harvey, but points out to him that the reports claimed that his body was never found. Bruce says that he saw what happened, and that Harvey is gone. He tells Alfred about Harvey trying to kill Selina, and says that the real Harvey Dent died before he fell into the flames. Bruce asks Alfred if he is bringing all of this upon the people he cares about because of the Batman, pointing out that Jessica and Harvey both died because of him, and that Tommy Elliot seemed to think he was the same as the Batman. Alfred assures Bruce that none of this is his fault, and that it is the choices that makes someone who they are. He points out that Jessica made the choice to love Bruce, and that nothing could have prevented her fate; Harvey made the choice to act on his rage, but when Bruce points out that he had lost his sister and had no choice, Alfred reminds him that he came face to face with Roman Sionis, who was responsible for his parents' murder, but chose not to kill him, and also chose not to kill Selina; he finishes his speech by saying that Tommy Elliot became a monster long before Bruce became the Batman, as he tried to kill both his parents as a teenager, and if the Batman hadn't inspired him, then something else would have. 

As Alfred's speech is told over a voiceover, a montage of scenes are shown around Gotham: Bruce is seen getting a letter from Silver, which says "I will NEVER leave you."; Selina is shown leaving Gotham; a memorial service is shown for Harvey Dent; Johnny Sabatino is shown being arrested by Gordon, implying that Bruce was able to find the ledger that Harvey had; Peyton is shown mourning at Tommy's grave. Alfred and Bruce are then shown again, and Alfred tells Bruce that the Batman has provided a light for Gotham, and that it's future is brighter than ever. Batman is then shown standing on a tall building looking forward at the bat-signal, while Alfred's voice over continues, saying "The Batman IS Gotham's future."

During the end credits, Johnny Sabatino is shown speaking with his attorney about how the chances of his arraignment are not good at all. His attorney leaves the room for a quick moment, and someone else enters, and Sabatino is clearly disturbed by his appearance. Sabatino asks what he is doing there, and that he thought that he was dead. A hand is shown flipping a coin, which lands on a burned side. The other hand then points a gun at Sabatino and shoots him dead. After Sabatino's body hits the ground, the shooter's face is shown: Harvey Dent, who has half of his face burned from the fire.

The End


After Justice League finished production, Warner Bros. immediately got to work on the third Batman film. Amanda Seyfried was reportedly handpicked by Darren Anorofsky to play Silver St. Cloud, whom he had originally planned to be a secondary love interest in the first film, played by Elisha Cuthbert, but her scenes were cut. Cuthbert was later cast as Gilda Gold in the second film.

Anorofsky had orignally cast Zachary Quinto to play Tommy Elliot, but the studio, along with the writers, disliked the casting choice, and Anorofsky was eventually forced to recast the role. Sebastian Stan, who had previously worked with Anorofsky on The Black Swan, was chosen to play the role three days before principle photography began. 


The film outgrossed both of its predecessors in the box office, and had the biggest opening weekend in box office history. The film received positive reviews from critics, also like its predecessors.


After Justice League was released, Warner Bros. announced that there would be two more individual Batman films, with Darren Anorofsky, Armie Hammer, Amanda Seyfried, and the rest of the main cast being contracted for both. 

A month after the release of The Batman Vengeance, Warner Bros. announced that the fourth and final Batman film would be titled The Batman Legend, and would be released in 2023.

Anorofsky confirmed that Jim Sturgess would be playing the role of Two-Face in the final film, but that he would not be the only villain. Jude Law was cast to play an unspecified role, but he said that the role was "very integral to the film", but wouldn't say whether he would be a villain or an ally. Nick Robinson and Mary Elizabeth Winstead were also cast for "very important roles".

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