This the first of 4 Flash movies.


Wally West went to his uncle's lab in Central City, when a machine which conducts electric bolts and charges them at will went haywire and shot a bolt straight into a vat of chemicals, which splashed onto Wally's face and gave him super speed. Dubbing himself "The Flash" to become a hero merely for fame and fortune, he ends up
Mirror Master
getting moer then he bargained for. After saving a man named Leonard Snart from a fire, he accidently threw his invention in the fire. Leonard made that machine to become famous and rich, and Flash ruined it. Leonard decide to get even, and made a pistol which generated ice. He contacted one of his coe-workers, Sam Scubber, who made an invention whih made talking, moving holograms of who ever uses it into mirrors. Leonard gives Sam a costume to protect his identity so he can keep his career. Flash, while fighting Sam, nicknames him "Mirror Master". More to be added...


  • Jensen Ackles - Wally West / The Flash
  • Charlie Sheen - Wally's Uncle, Barry
  • John Malkovich - Leonard Snart / Captain Cold
  • Jared Leto - Sam Scudder / Mirror Master
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