This is a video-game based off The Flash: Fastest Man Alive, featuring more villains but the same main protagonists at the end.


You play as Flash and go through 10 levels. Each with they're on villain in it. You run through each world using your map, which serves as a radar. If you see red dots heading towards you, it means enemies are approaching. If you see a green cross, it means a bonus or a health-pack is near. If you see a circle with the villain's face in it, it means they are lurking near. The red arrow is where you are, and the little lightning bolts are goals, which tell you where you need to be. You can prefomr punching moves, kicking moves, and throw moves, where you grab the enemy and throw them across the room.


A List of Enemies, Bosses, and Worlds.
Level: World: Enemies: Boss:
1 Central City Zoo Assassins, Wild Animals Captain Boomerang
2 The Goodknight Hotel Zombies, Shadow Demons Abrakadabra
3 Central City Prison Escaped Convicts, Some Corrupt Guards Working For Trickster The Trickster
4 City Hall Assassins, Petty Thugs Heatwave
5 Barry Allen's Lab Some Of Captain Cold's Crooks, Assassins Rainbow Raider
6 The Bridge Biker-Thugs N/A
7 Crime Scene Thugs, Biker-Thugs, 3 Previous Bosses (Captain Boomerang, Heatwave, and Trickster) N/A
8 Mirror Master's Mirror Room Mirror Master Thugs N/A
9 Mirror World People Trapped In Mirror World (Who appear as brainless zombies) Mirror Master
10 Captain Cold's Lab N/A Captain Cold