This is a sequel to Flash:FMA.

The Flash: Trick or Treat
Flash 2


The Flash: Trick or Treat


Jensen Ackles, Anne Hathaway, Jim Carrey, Luke Goss, Charlie Sheen

Previous Film:

The Flash: Fastest Man Alive

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The Flash 3: Out of Time

Created By:

Sam Jones


2 years after Flash faced off with Captain Cold and The Mirror Master, he finally went back to the simpleness of fighting burglars and people stealing old ladies purses, but, on Halloween, it will soon come to an end! When James Jesse, Tina McGee's boss, is revealed to be the fugitive Giovanni Giuseppe, there is onyl one thing to do: take care of this guy... Flash style. The Fastest Man Alive makes sure to bring the heat when he fights this terrorist in disguise, but realizes this guy's arsenal of weaponry is more advanced then he thought - and by advanced, I mean childish! This guy has been creating weapons (For example: Glue Gerenades", "Missile In A Box") and selling them to mob-bosses! When Flash gets out-smarted by this "Trickster" he has only one hope... Hartley Rathaway. When Hartley agrees to make a sonic weapon to stop Trickster, he is black-mailed! When Trickster threatens to reveal his plans to sell his sonic weapons to local thugs to pay off his mob debts, he only has one choice... join the Trickster. Hartley makes a suite and uses his wapon he made for Flash to hypnotize rats with the high-pitched notes from his super-sonic flute, he becomes The Pied Piper! Can Flash face this deadly duo... all on halloween?


  • Jensen Ackles - Wally West / The Flash, a hero with super speed!
  • Anne Hathaway - Dr. Tina McGee, Wally's new girlfriend from S.TA.R. Labs who is studying his powers.
  • Jim Carrey - Giovanni Giuseppe / James Jesse / The Trickster, a fugitive selling weapons to the mob in disguise as Tina McGee's boss, James Jesse.
  • Luke Goss - Hartley Rathaway / The Pied Piper, a scientist selling sonic weapons to the mob who was blackmailed by The Trickster and became The Pied Piper, a serial killer with a super-sonic flute that makes high-pitched notes which attract hordes of rats.
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