The Flash is the second film in the DC Cinematic Universe, It will be directed by Matthew Vaughn. It will star Bret Harrison as Barry Allen/The Flash, Mark Wahlberg as Mick Rory/Heat-Wave and Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold.



Bartholomew “Barry” Allen is reading a comic book about a superhero called the Flash who's secret identity os Jay Garrick, Barry walks up to his mother and tells her he is the Flash, Nora hands Barry his lunch and tells him to get to the bus. After school the bus breaks down a few houses down and the driver says all those who live on this street can walk home, As it's Barry's birthday he runs knowing their is a surprise birthday party waiting for him. Barry enters the house and steps on class seeing that the door has been broken down and that their is a tornado like figure in the living room that flies past him, Barry finds his mother dying on the floor and cradles her till she dies.

An adult Barry” Allen is transferred to the Central City Police Department Forensic Science and Analyst division. On his first day, Barry is sent to check out a crime scene with James Forrest. When looking at the body, Barry meets reporter Iris West. Barry and Iris hit it off really well and he asks her if she would like to get some coffee, Iris gives him a place and time and tells him “Don't be late” and Barry replies with “I have a tendency to be late, so No promises”. Barry is called back to his office where David Singh hands him a container filled with a chemical liquid, Barry looks intp it which cause him to miss his date with Iris. When Barry is packing up a lightning bolt strikes Barry blowing him back into a shelf of chemicals which bath him leaving him unconscious.

Barry wakes up and stumbles to his feet, Barry calls a cab and begins to wall outside. His cab begins to drive off and Barry tries to catch it but ends up running at super speed to his apartment where he collapses again. Barry wakes up and tries to remember what happened, he goes into his apartment corridor and begins to run causing him to run again at super-speed which causes him to crash out the window and lands in a dumpster. Barry climbs out and his hand begins to vibrate constantly. Barry wonders what happened to him and decided that he should visit his friend Manuel Lago, Barry tracks Lago using his facebook and twitter accounts to his college. Barry asks Manuel if he knows any science professors, Lago asks why and Barry shows him his hand (which is still vibrating). Lago takes him to Professor Emil Hamilton, a physicist at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Ex-con Leonard Snart returns to his cramped apartment when he is visited by his fellow ex-con who tells him they should do one last crime before going their separate ways to which Snart agrees. Snart and Mardon hijack a S.T.A.R. Labs truck and drive it to their desert warehouse when they open up the back of the truck the former drivers of the van are taken out and prepared to be killed by Snart. Mardon begins looking at the machine in the back (which is confirmed to be a particle accelerator by one of the drivers) of the van and accidentally presses a wrong button which cause the machine to explode engulfing Leonard, Mardon and the two drivers in a metahuman cloud.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Professor Hamilton shows Barry a suit that will keep his molecules stable while he uses his powers, Barry ask's where he's supposed to keep it when Hamilton gives him a ring. Hamilton tells him that “The suit which could be molded into miniature outfits from liquid material, that, when submersed in a special liquid, became sensitive to nitrogen, expanding on contact with the nitrogen in the air. A charge from the battery-powered ring I gave you caused the fabric to release the extra nitrogen and shrink back into the ring.” Barry hears about a hostage situation in a mall, Barry races out of the building to the mall.

Barry knocks out many guards even one in front of Iris, Barry realizes that she has seen him and when she asks for his name he says “The Flash”. The Flash carries the bodies outside and tells Captain Daryl Fyre that the hostages are safe, Flash hears that an explosion has endangered a local town. Flash races to the town and finds the blown up truck and two unconscious S.T.A.R. Labs employees. Barry runs to the local town, and finds Leonard Snart freezing the town and Rory setting buildings alight. Barry charges at Snart but he freezes Barry's leg causing him to fall, Snart knocns Barry out and leaves with Rory.

Barry wakes up on a S.T.A.R. Labs stretcher, Barry sees the two drivers in man sized incubators and also Hamilton, Lago and Hamilton's Stepson Jaime Reyes. Professor Hamilton tells Barry that two other scientists know about his powers, Barry asks who and Hamilton tells him Raymond Palmer and Theodore Kord who also happen to be on loud speaker Barry turns on the news and finds put that Snart and Rory (now under the name Captain Cold and Heat-Wave) are destroying Central City. Barry tells the group that he is going to stop them but the group recommend he doesn't, Barry remembers back to when his mother was killed and his father convicted the last words his father said to him was “Don't let other people choose for you”. Barry stops them all and changes into his costume before speeding off to the city.

Barry arrives at the scene where Cold and Heat-Wave have been cornered by Police but escape with ease. Cold takes Iris West hostage and waits for The Flash to arrive, Barry attacks Heat-Wave while Cold watches slowly beginning to freeze Iris. Barry beats Rory who keeps trying to set him ablaze but misses, Barry jumps on Rory when Rory is shot with a dart by Manuel who shouts to Barry telling him to blocks the Metahuman gene for a few hours.

Cold leaves Iris to freeze and goes to attack Barry freezing the darts Manuel shoots at him, Snart freezes Barry's hand to a car and he vibrates out of it. Barry runs into Snart and the two seem to run around the city at lighting speed smashing anything in their path, Snart freezes Barry's foot causing him to trip letting Snart go who begins to freeze Barry but Barry vibrates out of it with ease and again attacks Snart causing the two to have a hand to hand battle with Snart gaining the upper hand.

Barry knocks Snart down a building but he lands in one of his Ice constructs softening his fall, Rory attacks Barry and Barry looks to find Lago in Rory's hand who throws him on the floor. Lago tells Barry that the dart was only a prototype. Barry is then attacked by both Snart and Rory causing him to fall to the floor, Barry begins to close his eyes when he sees a vision of his father who tells him to get up and be the hero he was destined to be causing Barry to stand up and run in circles around Snart and Rory who try to aim and shoot at him.

Barry creates a tornado that takes the oxygen away from Rory and Snart but before they die he stops causing them to fall unconscious, Professor Hamilton and Jaime arrive and put collars around Snart and Rory's neck claiming it blocks their powers which proves successful when Rory tries to burn Jaime.

Barry runs over to Lago who tells him to go to Iris, Barry runs over to Iris who's neck has a ring of ice around. Barry uses his hand to vibrate the ice enough that it melts. The Flash is declared a hero and Barry calls Iris the next day and tries to explain why he was so late. Iris thinks that Barry is lying when he knocks at her door and tells her to follow him they go to a race track and use a stop watch to see how fast he can run around it, Barry does so and returns asking Iris for his score she tells him 0.12 seconds. Barry walks off leaving Iris astounded.

MID CREDIT SCENE: The two drivers wake up and walk over to Jaime, Jaime hands them their badges and asks if they want to go home both say yes and look down at their badges reviling them to be Rudy Jones and John Corben.

POST CREDIT SCENE: Barry is on a hill waiting for a man who claims to be faster than him when a old man walks up, Barry asks what his name is and the man says Jay Garrick. Barry has a flashback (to the begin of the film) whede he has a comic book about Jay Garrick, both men smile before both begin running.


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