The Superman is a 2016 movie.


Kal-El, an alien baby, lands on Earth, and is raised by the Kent family on there farm. He gets a crush on there neighbor, Lana Lang. As he grows up, he discovers the abilities given to him by cosmic radiation as he landed on Earth. he finds out he was an alien. he looks inside the space-ship he came to earth in, and finds a holograhpic message from hsi real father. It says he must use his powers for good, and it leads Kal to become Superman, the hero he is today. When a terrorist named John Corben discovers a meteorite containing a green crystal, he tells the rest of his group, the Intergang. They make weapons using it, and attack Metropolis. apparently, the green meteor rock is Superman's weakness, so they ceate power-gloves, a mechanical vest, and a special suit of armor powered by the green meteor. John volunteers to be the one to kill superman, so they give him the weapons and code-name him "metallo". Metallo proves to be a challenge for superman, and almost kills him. meanwhile, the otjer Intergang members discover a robotic alien weapon of destruction trapped inside the meteor. they free the robot, and it quickly learns there language, as it has been programmed to be the most intelligent mechanism in the galaxy. it arees to help the Intergang kill superman.

Ending Credits SceneEdit

BRUNO MANNHEIM: so, you will equip me and my Intergang with nuclear weapons?

MAN: Yes.

BRUNO MANNHEIM: thank you, mister---

MAN: it's Luthor. Lex Luthor.


  • Superman
  • Metallo
  • Jimmy Olsen
  • Lana Lang
  • Martha Kent
  • John Kent
  • The Intergang
  • Brainiac
  • Bruno Mannheim
  • Jor-El