"Honestly though, Brucey, sweet car. Can I drive it to prom?"


Real Name:

Tim Drake

Appears in:

Streets of Gotham

Shadow of the Bat

Gotham Central


[Logan Lerman]

"Don't even think about it."

-Tim Drake and Batman


In Streets of Gotham, Tim Drake is a talented teenage orphan who used to be an acrobat. When he saw a potential second Jason Todd, Bruce Wayne adopted him, giving him a good life. After the 3 dangerous new villains, Bruce decided not to put another child in danger like he did with Jason Todd, telling Alfred he "didn't want to amke the same mistake." After Tim was watching TV in Wayne Manor and was dancing to a music video, he did a backflip and accidently crashed into Bruce's book-shelf, knocking it down and discovering the entrance to the Batcave. When Alfred was hanging up the batsuit, he saw Tim enter the room, and decided it was time to tell Tim the truth about Bruce Wayne. Tim was excited Bruce wanted him to be the new Robin, and snuck the old Robin suit into his room, where he spray-painted and customized it until he figured it looked just right for the new Robin to wear. More to be added...