DC Comics and Warner Bros had tried in the past to star a DC Extended Universe, but only until 2013 did the idea actually become a reality. The first other serious attempt was in 2005 with the two new films Superman Returns and Batman Begins. Though due to Superman Returns poor reviews and lukewarm financial success, and Christopher Nolan claiming he would make his Batman movies much more grounded and realistic than the comic books, they became a poor choice for a shared DC universe and the plans were scrapped.

However, After the vast success that was the Marvel Cinematic Universe (, Warner Bros and DC Comics had announced they were going to try again with shared universe in 2010. It was announced the DCEU would starting with two new reboots of the Superman and Batman film sagas.

Phase 1Edit

Release Date: April 2012

Main Villain: The Riddler, Deadshot

Release Date: June 2013

Main Villain: General Zod

Release Date: May 2014

Main Villain: Circe, Ares

Release Date: July 2014

Main Villain: Weather Wizard, Reverse-Flash

Release Date: March 2015

Main Villain: Penguin, The Joker

Release Date: November 2015

Main Villain: Ocean Master

Release Date: March 2016

Main Villain: Lex Luthor, Metallo

  • A.R.G.U.S.

Release Date: August 2016

Main Villain: Enchantress

  • The Flash 2

Release Date: December 2016

Main Villain: Captain Cold, Heatwave

  • Wonder Woman 2

Release Date: June 2017

Main Villain: Cheetah

  • Green Lantern

Release Date: August 2017

Main Villain: Sinestro, Parallax

  • The Justice League

Release Date: November 2017

Main Villain: Brainiac

Phase 2Edit

  • Batman 3

Release Date: April 2018

Main Villain: Two-Face

  • Shazam

Release Date: July 2018

Main Villain: Black Adam, Dr. Sivana

  • Aquaman 2

Release Date: November 2018

Main Villain: King Shark

  • Superman 3

Release Date: March 2019

Main Villain: Metallo, Atomic Skull

  • The Flash 3

Release Date: June 2019

Main Villain: Gorilla Grodd

  • Wonder Woman 3

Release Date: November 2019

Main Villain: Giganta, Dr. Psycho

  • Teen Titans

Release Date: April 2020

Main Villain: Deathstroke, Dr. Light

  • Green Lantern 2

Release Date: June 2020

Main Villain: Atrocitus

  • The Justice League 2

Release Date: November 2020

Main Villain: Vandal Savage

Phase 3Edit

  • Hawkman

Release Date: May 2021

Main Villain: Hath-Set

  • Batman 4

Release Date: July 2021

Main Villain: Ra's al Ghul, Bane

  • Shazam 2

Release Date: August 2021

Main Villain: Master Mind

  • The Flash 4

Release Date: November 2021

Main Villain: Cobalt Blue, Mirror Master

  • Superman 4

Release Date: April 2022

Main Villain: Doomsday

  • Aquaman 3

Release Date: June 2022

Main Villain: Black Manta, The Thirst

  • World's Finest

Release Date: August 2022

Main Villain: Metron, Orion

  • Zatanna

Release Date: December 2022

Main Villain: Allura

  • Green Lantern 3

Release Date: February 2023

Main Villain: Nekron

  • Wonder Woman 4

Release Date: May 2023

Main Villain: Dr. Cyber

  • Booster Gold & Blue Beetle

Release Date: July 2023

Main Villain: Black Beetle

  • Teen Titans 2

Release Date: November 2023

Main Villain: Brother Blood, Trigon

  • Hawkman 2

Release Date: February 2024

Main Villain: Airstryke

  • Batman 5

Release Date: April 2024

Main Villain: Hush, Poison Ivy

  • Spectre

Release Date: June 2024

Main Villain: Azmodus

  • The Justice League 3

Release Date: November 2024

Main Villain: Darkseid

Phase 4Edit

  • Shazam 3

Release Date: January 2025

Main Villain: Lady Blaze, Lord Satanus



Release Date: (Season 1) September 2012 (Season 2) October 2013 (Season 3) October 2014 (Season 4) October 2015

Main Villain: (Season 1) Dark Archer (Season 2) China White (Season 3) Ra's Al Ghul (Season 4) Damien Darhk

Release Date: (Season 1) October 2014 (Season 2) October 2015

Main Villain: (Season 1) Deathstorm (Season 2) Killer Frost

  • Legends of Tomorrow

Release Date: (Season 1) January 2016

Main Villain: Chronos, Starro


  • Powerless

Release Date: September 2020


  • Gotham

Release Date: 2014

  • Krypton

Release Date: 2018

  • Constantine

Release Date: 2019

Main Villain: Eclipso

  • Vixen

Release Date: 2021

Main Villain: Aku Kwesi

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